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Micro-Influencer's - Can They Help You?

  Influencer… the term that has owned 2016/17 digital marketing space, and the phenomenon that shows no sign of slowing down. A social media... Read more

Sunkissed advertising campaign makes website sales glow with a 300% increase

Award-winning bronzing beauty brand Sunkissed is celebrating the successful launch of its digital advertising campaign #SunkissedReady, to promote... Read more

Social Media Platforms Need to Do More When it Comes to Fake Followers

In the current Influencer Marketing (IM) wild west the debate around fake followers continues to be a hot topic of discussion. After Keith Weed,... Read more

The Influencer Marketing Hustle : Debrief

“The long-term dream is to see influencer marketing become far more integrated and not just an afterthought to get additional reach when panicking.”... Read more

It’s Laurel, Not Yanny.

26 February 2015 “the dress” went viral. Reading that might awaken memories of heated debates and friendship rifts - just kidding, kind of. The... Read more

Brands Turn To Always-On Influencer Marketing

A recent study by ANA showed that 75% of marketers are currently using Influencer Marketing and that most of them will increase their dedicated... Read more

Buzzoole Releases New User Dashboard for Content Creators

In addition to being a platform for the creation and management of influencer marketing campaigns, Buzzoole provides a powerful analytics tool for... Read more

Buzzoole and Flixel: a Win-win Partnership for Brands and Content Creators

We’re delighted to announce the news of our partnership with Flixel; a software that allows influencers to create stunning cinemagraphs. What better... Read more

Celebrating The Phenomenal Rise of Women In Influencer Marketing

I have no doubt that in today’s heightened climate there will be much talk about where we are still going wrong and what needs to happen next, but I... Read more

Buzzoole makes senior hires from Wavemaker and Outbrain to accelerate international growth

Influencer marketing platform Buzzoole announced the appointment of Damian Gillman as Head of Business Development and Sarah Whitfield (née Gavin) as... Read more