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Digital marketers see lift in search and social campaign performance as Marin Software unveils next generation cross-channel advertising platform - Marin Software

12 Jun 2018 - 14:04 |

Digital marketers see lift in search and social campaign performance as Marin Software unveils next generation cross-channel advertising platform

LONDON – Marin Software, a leading provider of digital marketing software for performance-driven advertisers and agencies, today unveils MarinOne, the next generation of its cross-channel advertising platform.

A unified cross-channel advertising platform enables marketers to:

Integrate: Use a wealth of first-party data to leverage more cross-channel insights, create and improve bidding rules, and manage e-commerce and product ads across multiple publishers effectively.

Align: Provides an independent view of how search and social channels influence one another by linking device-level impression, click, and conversion data to drive accurate measurement, prevent conversion duplication, and optimise budget allocation.

Amplify: Employing automated bidding and automatic transfer of audience data from one channel to another, marketers are able to navigate increasingly competitive auctions with improved relevancy and performance, and without duplicating work. Search Intent enables advertisers to target new customers on social using intent signals based on search queries.

Perform: A single view of all campaigns across all publishers and powerful dashboards to report and analyse cross-channel performance. 

Personalise: In addition to applying best-fit audience and keyword bidding algorithms, Marin’s Professional Onboarding Services can integrate customers’ proprietary data with MarinOne making it possible to identify and leverage value in alternative data sets, boosting efficiency and performance.

This matters in a digital landscape where Google and Facebook command nearly 80% of internet time and over 75% of online ad dollars. Google, Facebook, and more recently Amazon, have become the primary publishers for most of the world’s digital advertisers but because they compete directly with one another, they lack incentives to make advertising work as effectively as possible across publishers.

 A recent report shows that customers who interact with both search and social channels are twice as likely to convert, giving marketers more reasons to jointly manage these two critical marketing channels as they seek to maximise the returns from their online advertising investments.

The Intuitive New Cross-Channel Advertising Platform Gives Advertisers the Capability to Report, Analyze and Optimize All Campaigns

Online gifts retailer Buyagift is now benefitting from having one clear view of its company performance across all channels due to implementing MarinOne’s proprietary attribution feature, TruePath, which links device-level impression, click, and conversion data to drive accurate measurement, prevent conversation duplication, and optimise budget allocation. With its sleek new user-friendly interface, the intuitive new platform gives advertisers the capability to report, analyse and optimise all campaigns and audiences across search and social publishers delivering significant performance gains over traditional single-channel advertising tools.

Marin Now Provides Marketers a Cross-Channel View of Their Advertising Activities and Marketing ROI

MarinOne will be offered at a flat platform fee, rather than using traditional pricing as a percentage of digital ad spend. This will reduce friction for customers bringing additional channels and data into the platform, providing marketers a cross-channel view of their advertising activities and marketing ROI.

Marie Boivent, Vice President, Customer Success EMEA at Marin Software commented; “We created MarinOne to meet the demands of our customers who operate in highly competitive markets where agility and time are vital to sustain competitive advantages. We wanted to return control to marketers who have been blind-sided by the ‘walled-garden’ approach of publishers. Providing an intuitive, smart, user-friendly platform that removes these silos is the only way to do this. Our focus on transparent, integrated reporting will help our customers access and analyse real insights and ensure the highest possible return on their advertising spend.”

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