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2 Feb 2018 - 09:49 |

The evolution of omnichannel retail!

Omnichannel retailing is the successful integration of the various sales channels so that the customer experiences a smooth seamless interplay between the offline and online worlds. 

Recent studies have shown that customers who use more than one channel spend more and have a higher lifetime value than those customers who use fewer channels. The study, by McKinsey Research and Harvard Business Review spoke to 46,000 customers over a fourteen-month period about every aspect of their shopping journey. It found omnichannel retail customers spent an average of 4% more on every shopping occasion in-store, and 10% more online  than single-channel customers.

Increased  ‘omnichannelisation’

It has taken many years for physical and digital aspects of retail to become truly integrated but at long last, we are seeing mobile, desktop and in-store shopping start to become part  of one seamless experience.

The growth of apps has also empowered shoppers to locate items, check vailability, take advantage of offers, promotions and vouchers and participate in loyalty schemes more easily and conveniently. 

A simple example comes from Clinique in London: Clinique Great Skin Lab is  synchronising in-store recommendations with shoppers’ online profiles. The store offers information cards, iPads, and monitors with further information about the products available, as well as general advice on skincare from nutritionists and dermatologists.

After an in-store consultation, shoppers are given codes with their personalised results that enable them to use the information online. Two other examples: Domino’s has recently introduced ordering via Facebook Messenger, and Starbucks’ mobile app allows customers to order and pay before picking up in-store.

Topshop recently launched a campaign where shoppers received a free styling and make-up session and were invited to create a digital ‘Wish you were at Topshop’ postcard using Instagram.

Once the postcard photo had been taken, they were given a copy to take home and were also able to upload it to Facebook and the Topshop gallery. To date it has generated 640 blog posts, with a reach of 1.4 million, as well as 5.3 million views on Facebook and 2,000 comments. That’s a year’s worth of its usual Facebook activity in just four days. And as a result, it has become the number one fashion retailer on Instagram.

To read the full whitepaper by Jon Staines, Planning Director click here.


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