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23 Oct 2017 - 07:50 |

Online Advertising Problems and How to Fix Them

In today’s day and age where the majority of people in developed countries are on the internet, online advertising is a huge market. It is an effective way for businesses and companies to find new customers, expand reach, show off products and make some money. Online advertising is a very robust and complex topic with a ton of moving parts, and can come in many different forms such as sponsored posts, videos, text, popups and everything in between.

At its simplest, online advertising is when a company will pay to have their ad show up on a website (to get it more exposure). In return for posting the ad on their site, the website will make a small amount of money every time that ad is viewed, seen or clicked on (there are some that are pay per click and others that are pay per view). Of course, for this deal to work and make sense, they need people to browse the internet and, in turn, see/click these ads.

Online advertising has been hugely popular and successful for many websites out there to make revenue and the market shows no signs of slowing down with people spending more and more time on the internet than ever before. Hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars are spent and made via online advertising each and every year, and it is a big part of revenue streams for many businesses all over the world.

So while online advertising is likely here to stay(at least for the foreseeable future) and there are some positives about it, everything isn’t always peaches and cream when it comes to the world online advertising. There are a number of different problems with online advertising as it is today, for everyone who involved in the process (whether it is the websites, the visitors or the advertisers themselves).

For the websites, the biggest problem they encounter is the existence of ad-blockers. These basically hide the ads for site visitors, which stops the websites getting paid for the views or clicks. The companies who purchase the ad space also suffer from this as people who have ad blockers don’t see their product or services. So most site visitors love ad-blockers, but many websites and companies loathe them. While only about 30% of people use ad-blockers, that accounts for hundreds of millions of people, which are a lot of eyes to be missing out on. So as you can see, this is a huge (and growing) problem for companies, advertisers and websites.

A solution for this growing problem of ad-blockers would be to make the ads on websites invisible or barely visible to site visitors, while still making sure they gather revenue for their website. One company that is trying to do this is Oyster is a solution that, with a single line of code, can offer websites silent traffic revenue generation. It is new innovative changes like this one that could prove fruitful for companies, websites and those who browse the internet as well. Who knows, one day, an option like this might become standard in the online advertising space.

Another problem that websites can encounter when it comes to online advertising is the fact that ads can often look incredibly unattractive and can ruin an otherwise-attractive website. Some people pride themselves on a brilliantly designed site and some ads can mess that up. The solution for this is to pay more attention to the ads that you put on your website, or simply make the ad space that you offer on your site smaller or place it more strategically. Or again, using ads that are invisible and work in the background could also be a solution.

Not to be outdone, however, consumers and those who browse the internet also have some problems with online advertising. The biggest problem that site visitors have with ads is simple; they are often large, annoying, distracting and waste our time watching or X’ing out of them. At best, an ad distracts peoples’ view from the content they want and at worse, it will make a giant popup or video will come up as soon as they get onto the site. Either way, most people would prefer that neither of these things occur.

The clear solution for most site visitors is to enable an ad-blocker. There are many different programs that can block almost every ad you would encounter on the internet. While that gets rid of the visual ad, it also hurts the website as they lose the money they would have gotten when you visited their site. To some people, this doesn’t matter at all. However, there are those people who want to support the sites they frequent, but simply do not want to deal with ads. A better solution for all would be to either have ads all that are small and non-intrusive or an invisible ad solution like the one we mentioned a few paragraphs earlier.

All in all, there are plenty of positives and negatives when it comes to online advertising. It is likely here to stay, but there is a good chance we will see new innovation in the market very soon to provide solutions for these various concerns. The existence of ads in their present form have led to millions of people using ad blockers, which is costing companies a ton of cash. It is impossible to know what the next breakthrough in online marketing and advertising will be, but don’t be surprised if it happens sooner rather than later.