Lacoste: Cultural Positioning & Connection Strategy

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NERDS were tasked with interpreting and mapping an existing strategic consumer muse for millenials, a more meaningful, socially minded, purpose-motivated individual, into a global Gen-Z consumer landscape. The objective was to unlock a positioning that would resonate with a mass, high-street gravitating consumer and enable the infamous French fashion brand to drive commercial growth through more mainstream but commercially significant retail partners.


NERDS identified that ideas around achievement and meaningful progression in life are heavily contextual and take very different forms depending on exactly whose world you are trying to show up in. In the case of the target audience, ‘meaningful achievement’ was firmly grounded in ideas and ambitions around personal progress, social mobility and making their parents proud.


NERDS conducted a mixed methodology research study that surfaced key attitudes, human drivers, influential status codes and most importantly, a nuanced understanding of ‘achievement’ in the context of the strategic target. NERDS leveraged the research as the foundation and building blocks for developing a consumer segmentation, a set of strategic consumer profiles and a targeted product development guide. As a result, NERDS helped Lacoste double their order books with key strategic retail accounts within 18 months of project completion.