JD Williams Innovates with Attention-Optimised Campaign

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Retail company JD Williams ran a brand lift study across attention and CTR optimised strategies to determine whether Attention is more effective at delivering brand metrics than CTR.​

Two campaigns were run, with one optimising towards Attention and the other towards CTR.

The Attention-optimised study resulted in an uplift in ad recall, purchase consideration and brand perception.


The activity optimising towards attention delivered [uplift across every single brand metric] in comparison to the CTR-optimised activity. We also recorded:

18% higher uplift in Attention-optimised activity vs CTR for ad recall after 2 weeks

6% increase in purchase consideration when optimised towards Attention vs CTR

69% Increase in promoters when asked about brand recall when optimising towards Attention vs CTR

14% Increase in brand interest when optimising towards Attention vs CTR

“Getting cut through in Peak is vital. The ability to optimise to attention means we know our ads are reaching people who we want to attract. There are so many ways we can go from here”

- Sian Worthington, Head of Paid Social & Display