Genesys: Opportunity Based Marketing

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Genesys needed to rethink the way they targeted high-end, high value accounts and decision-makers

MOI’s response was a precision-targeted, insight-led campaign that created its own opportunities and exploited them to the client’s full advantage. The campaign took Account Based Marketing to pioneering new levels until it deserved a new and more accurate acronym: OBM. Opportunity Based Marketing.

The Context
The ultimate aim was to create a laser-targeted 1-to-1 Account Based Marketing programme that identified and converted prospects who were not only the most valuable, but who were actively looking to buy.

The Challenge
Although analysts rate their targets’ customer experience platform as no.1 in the world, Genesys was facing 3 major challenges. Firstly, the strength of competition from their target’s existing incumbents. Secondly, they were lacking real insight into decision-makers or understanding of who they were. Finally, they needed to establish a way to get a “foot in the door” with new prospect organisations.

The Solution
MOI’s response to the challenge was to create a programme, initially content-led, to stimulate awareness and drive engagement. It was designed to create and maximise opportunity but analysing every interaction and nurturing each lead on an ever more bespoke journey to conversion.

The Results
The campaign delivered in the 10s of $millions – a 400% improvement on target.

66% of article views led to connections with influencers and decision makers and we achieved 74% engagement with priority contacts.

Efficiency and scalability improvements mean ABM now gets 30% share of the UK&I marketing spend – previously 0%.