How crypto creators are inspiring audiences to diversify investments.

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The community of crypto creators has experienced a huge growth in the past years, following the boom of cryptocurrency as a whole

As of 2021, about 106 million people around the world are estimated to be using cryptocurrencies. The development of this market has greatly contributed to the evolution of a niche of influencers focused on developing content to support the new interests of the audience.

A new wave of users then surged, eager to learn from enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who are using their social platforms to spread information and explain how to begin investing in crypto. Not surprisingly, stats show the potential behind this content vertical: by 2025, financial analysts expect the global blockchain market to grow by $39 billion.

What are crypto creators?

Although cryptocurrency as a topic has attracted a lot of attention, many people still find it hard to understand and get started, as well as diving into the specifics of investing. Crypto creators are filling this gap: by leveraging from the trust of the audience in their opinions and expertise, these influencers - with or without a finance/economics background - provide advice that caters the demand for more digestible information related to the field.

This influencer marketing niche has been growing substantially, mainly through video content creation. Therefore, it probably does not come as much of a surprise to discover that YouTube is one of the main social media platforms for crypto creators. While they tend to tweet more frequently and occasionally create TikTok content, some influencers are making up to $40,000 per month from video ads and sponsorships on Youtube. Their following in the platform is yet tiny, especially when compared to competitors, but the niche has proved to give them access to high incomes.

On top of that, visual content is incredibly beneficial: besides being easy to access and extremely informative, this format secures engagement other formats might not translate when it comes to such a specific topic. The versatility of videos allows creators to connect better with different audiences and amplify their reach - from experienced to new investors.

What's behind crypto creators' content production?

Firstly, crypto creators aim to demystify the world of cryptocurrency, making it more accessible and digestible to larger audiences. Generally, these influencers touch on some of the big players of the industry - such as Ethereum and Bitcoin - but the possibilities are not limited to them: there are actually over 10,000 different types of cryptocurrencies, with an estimated total value of $1.7 trillion.

Therefore, it is hard to tell which cryptocurrency should be invested in. Crypto creators face the challenge of offering recommendations also considering their audiences' particularities - different goals and risk profiles. Moreover, they usually take into account the fact that cryptocurrency values fluctuate on a daily basis - connecting with their audiences for transparent relationships. These endorsements are lucrative: YouTubers, for example, get thousands of requests to review or mention specific coins.

Crypto creators, crypto artists and brands.

Due to the growth of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), many crypto creators end up adding this topic to their content - showing audiences the different opportunities that arise from investing in virtual currencies.

Unlike crypto currencies, NFTs are cryptographic assets part of a blockchain with unique identifiers - which means they can't be traded. As the main subject of the moment when it comes to digital assets, NFTs have become an interesting piece of this entire marketplace, with increased value every day. It is estimated that approximately $500 million were spent on NFTs in 2020.

This context attracted many different industries and contributed to the rise of crypto artists - a parallel industry commonly mentioned by crypto creators in their content. Some of them lead the space with impressive projects - and unprecedented numbers. In March 2021, a group of NFTs developed by the digital artist Beeple sold for over $69 million. FEWOCiOUS is another example: the artist's total artwork value is estimated at over $26 million, with a recent drop selling over $19 million worth of 'paint drops’ that will be used for his new virtual world project “FEWOWORLD”.

Brands are also tapping into NFTs, with businesses increasingly embracing it as an opportunity to showcase and link their values and social missions to their marketing and commercial efforts - while creating unique and exclusive experiences for users. Taco Bell, adidas and e.l.f Cosmetics have stood out as great examples of how NFTs can be used to support consumer relationships and offer access to new layers of engagement.

Crypto creators contribute to connecting all these dots: by immersing audiences in their expertise, they can link the crypto world to a diverse range of investment possibilities, reshaping influencer marketing as we know it. Beyond content producers, crypto creators can become a hub where this niched community finds it easy and comfortable to discuss the topic. Furthermore, they are expected to be some of the first influencers to guide audiences toward the metaverse ecosystem - a huge potential for brands willing to immerse and connect with audiences naturally interested in engaging within those virtual spaces.

Key takeaways.

  • Crypto creators are on the rise helping offer advice and knowledge about the virtual currency world, leading the way to audiences aiming to familiarise themselves with new types of investments.
  • Youtube is a key channel for crypto creators as videos allow them to be more informative and engaging - while also leading to significant revenue.
  • The crypto world has rised a whole new market for artists and brands to engage with audiences through digital assets like NFTs - taking relationships in the virtual world to another level of interaction.
  • Due to their expertise and consistent relationship with audiences, crypto creators can connect different touchpoints of the crypto world. With the growth of virtual ecosystems, like metaverse, they're to become a key player for businesses to immerse in those new environments and educate their target audiences.