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Love Wellness Launches First Brand Campaign

On February 10, Mekanism and its social arm, Epic Signal, created the first brand campaign for Love Wellness, by Lauren Bosworth.

Studies show that women are more likely to be told their pain is ‘psychosomatic’ or influenced by emotional distress. In fact, more than 40% of women eventually diagnosed with a serious autoimmune disease had at one point been told by a doctor they were just too concerned with their health or they're a hypochondriac, and 31% of women diagnosed with chronic pain/ condition said they had to prove symptoms to their health care provider vs. only 19% of men.

Highlighting this wide-spread diaspora, the campaign titled “Don’t Just Deal,” caters to the many women who’ve been dismissed by their traditional healthcare professionals, failed by unconventional - and many times unsafe - ‘experimental’ remedies, and grown accustomed to “just dealing with it”. The campaign features Love Wellness’ real-life consumers who turned to the brand after their own health struggles, rather than just dealing with it. The campaign will appear online and through OOH placements.

Alongside the campaign, the brand is debuting a refreshed brand identity, logo, packaging, website and tagline of “Love Yourself Well™”. The refresh is part of the company’s strategy to establish a strong foothold in the feminine wellness category, grow the brand’s community and customer base, and empower women all over the world to take charge and become advocates of their health.

Lauren Bosworth, Founder & CEO of Love Wellness

“I understand the frustration and, sometimes, desperation women feel in achieving optimal health and wellbeing,” said Bosworth. “With this brand campaign, we worked with Mekanism and Epic Signal to empower women who suffer in silence, showing them that there are more options beyond ‘just dealing with it’.”

Kara Coyle, Creative Director at Mekanism

“With this campaign, we’re highlighting the truths and tensions about a health industry that underserves women and the culture of “acceptance” around recurring health issues, using real-life scenarios to support our cause,” said Mekanism Creative Director Kara Coyle. “We are showing women the importance of questioning the ‘norm’ they’ve been accustomed to, and allowing them to become advocates of their own health and wellness with Love Wellness’s safe and sustainable products.”


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