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Alaska Airlines “Swell Deals” Campaign by Mekanism

Alaska Airlines is tapping into dynamic data to launch their first-ever fare sale powered by the ocean’s waves. In partnership with global surf forecasting site Surfline and independent creative agency Mekanism, the brand will kick off “Swell Deals” campaign using data to generate discounts up to 30% off flights to Hawaii based on the height of forecasted waves around the island. The bigger the waves - the bigger the discounts.

Alaska will look at their swell forecast in Hawaii for the travel period (Nov 4-20). The max swell forecast in Hawaii for that travel period will dictate the discount amount for the 5 days of the sale (Nov 4-8) up to 30%. Then, the Alaska landing page for the sale will be populated with the live Surfline forecast during the 5 days of the sale, showing the corresponding discount.

The campaign will run on digital and social channels along with radio placements.

This is just the start on how Alaska plans to use data tracking to help customers enjoy more of what they love. Today, it’s catching a wave, and tomorrow, it may be getting out on the slopes when the powder is fresh.


Surfline will pull data from 14 different sites monitoring minute-by-minute conditions around the Hawaiian islands.Then between Nov 4-8, Alaska will discount fares based on the following max swell heights tracked by Surfline: 0-10 ft. swells: 10% off // 11-15 ft. swells: 15% off // 16-20 ft. swells: 20% off // 21+ ft. swells: 30% off. The real time swell and price updates will be happening on via API, and the ads will run the version that matches the swell forecast at the time of the sale start.

Natalie Bowman, Alaska Airlines’ managing director of brand and marketing communications

Flyers today have access to so much more information and in turn, are making decisions based on that data. With the start of surf season in Hawaii, we saw an opportunity to further support our flyers’ passions by using the power of data to offer better deals as surf conditions improve. By leveraging data, we can give people another reason to get on a flight, just when they want it most, to enjoy perfect conditions or take that bucket list trip that they might have otherwise missed.

Laura Wimer, Executive Creative Director, Mekanism

The wonderful thing about dynamic data is that it helps us understand more clearly the different ways people interact with their passions. Working with the team at Surfline allowed for us to get an authentic understanding of what matters to surfers and when. For Alaska Airlines, using those unique surfing data hand-in-hand with creative not only resulted in a uniquely powerful campaign, but helped us announce to the world Alaska's personal approach to how they want people experience their fare sales.


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