Alaska Airlines Employee-Driven Campaign (Safety Dance)

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Alaska Airlines is launching a new, employee-driven campaign encouraging flyers to book, mask up and plan their 2021 travel

Created by independent agency Mekanism, the campaign kicked off with a “Safety Dance” video that debuted during Seattle’s football game this Sunday.

The “actors” in the video are Alaska employees – following in the footsteps of a long history of airline employees featured front and center in ad campaigns.

While some folks have become disengaged with the glut of “COVID safety commercial soup,” this Safety Dance is a modern remix of the original Men Without Hats “Safety Dance” circa 1983 and brings a lighthearted spin to the traditional safety video.

The one-minute video was shot in Alaska’s Seattle hangar, features 11 employees, and was shot over 2 days. In the coming weeks Alaska and its 22,000 employees, the airline’s most trusted travel ambassadors, are stepping up to be part of the safe return to travel in 2021.