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How Rani Arsanios and SAVV Digital are redefining Performance Marketing

by Marcello Montes de Oca

23 July 2019 18:27pm

SAVV Digital is one agency approaching growth and performance marketing quite differently and is slowly disrupting the digital marketing industry one client at a time. Whether it’s direct-to-consumer brands or B2B enterprises that are at different stages of their growth and variable sizes of marketing budgets, everyone can get more returns from their marketing. Rani and SAVV leverage performance marketing tactics that to date, had delivered outstanding returns. We are talking about ROI levels breaking the 900% mark on campaigns in the first 3 months.

Rani Arsanios, the founder of SAVV Digital believes that in this day and age where digital ads have become increasingly expensive, growth has become a game of inches. According to him, ‘There isn’t a challenge specifically with driving traffic but more so on driving traffic at an affordable or attractive cost with impressive returns.” To achieve that, every aspect of your digital marketing framework needs to be laser sharp to ensure you squeeze every dollar in returns on your marketing spend. Rani has dedicated his career to helping businesses and organizations grow their top-line and bottom-line through strategic and transformative digital marketing. He believes the winning formula blends innovation and creativity with carefully measured and strategized marketing frameworks.

We have tracked a few of the tactics and strategies that Rani is using to help clients get more for less.

Deep Buyer persona and Customer-focused research

It is not uncommon to see a business with large marketing budgets, not fully understanding their customers and target audience. In fact, many brands have been there. One way that SAVV is helping brands is by bringing that focus back on to redefine what ‘understanding’ your buyer means. This involves rigorous and extensive research from talking to real customers and doing qualitative research to all sorts of quantitative analysis including advanced analysis of visitors’ behaviour online and everything in between. According to Rani Arsanios, Managing Director of SAVV Digital, “performance marketing is a multi-factorial problem and the buyer persona is the biggest unknown factor in it”. Making sure you understand everything about your buyers is paramount. For example, in the qualitative research phase, they include any and every scientific literature available on the psychology of the end customer. That’s a very different level of Buyer persona research and it serves as an extremely important building block to everything else that follows. The end result is growth marketing that over-delivers.

Diversification enables growth

Using an omnichannel approach and deeply embedding performance marketing principles, businesses can reach more customers across a multitude of platforms effectively. The mistake many brands make is that they stick to what has worked before too long until the market changes and flips the equation back on their heads. This agency encourages a more diversified and precisely measured portfolio of advertising that constantly opens opportunities and minimises risk. With 85% to 90% of marketing spend invested in lucrative and proven channels, you have 10% to 15% to approach new channels that can one day be a great successor for your top performers.

Redefining the metrics that matter

Most businesses are highly driven by the idea of acquiring more customers that they inevitably put less emphasis on the things that keep customers loyal. Retention and Customer Lifetime Value are key concepts that can boost and sustain growth. One of the best ways to realise more returns on marketing investment is to increase your customer lifetime value which essentially means higher net returns in the future because you are not spending money on acquisition for those retained customers. How can you increase your lifetime cycle? One way to do that is through a customer-centric approach that articulates your brand authentic voice and personality to build long lasting connections.

Effectively navigating the marketing technology space

Marketing technology is not a “plug and play” sort of environment. As much as SAAS companies try to make it seem like that, this isn’t the case. Today, we have an abundance of technologies and software that serve as the backbone of many organisation’s marketing technology stacks. But having the right stack is not just about avoiding unnecessary tools or overpaying for technology. It’s more about finding the technology that empowers your business to understand and communicate with your customers disproportionately better. The team at SAVV Digital invest time and money to understand and navigate the marketing technology space to ensure they can consult their clients on the right stack to drive their business forward.

SAVV Digital is currently only helping organizations in Australia but in the next few months, they will start accepting clients across the border.