PHE: Improving the Health of a Nation

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In the UK, 6 in 10 of adults are overweight or obese

And that extra weight puts extra pressure on people’s bodies, making it harder to fight against diseases. COVID-19 was a national wake-up call. And there’s now a proven link between weight and outcome when you have the disease.

A call to arms

What better time to launch the new NHS Better Health brand and its catch-cry, ‘Let’s Do This’. A call to all to get up and have a go. To try healthy new habits through eating well and moving more. All made as easy as possible, because these things are hard to start – and to stick to. But after a challenging period in the UK’s history we emerge with new resolve. A national push across TV, print, outdoor, digital, social and partnerships inspired. A campaign of colour, energy and positivity. Starring a diverse cast – real people, giving it a go. This isn’t about thinking we’ll do something one day. This is Day One.

Making a real difference

Since the birth of the brand we’ve helped over 5 million adults to take a positive action to improve their health since the launch of the NHS Better Health brand.

Better health, better results

Since the campaign launch, over 409,000 people have downloaded the weight loss plan, taking over 2m actions taken to improve physical health. We’ve helped the UK become a healthier nation, at a time when we needed it most.