M&C Saatchi UAE team up with Burger king to Launch their new Plant Based Whopper Ad, Featuring a Ronaldo lookalike!

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Kuwait, a market where meat is king, started witnessing a change of behaviour as the youth embraced plant-based lifestyles. Many brands began acting on it, but few were able to stand the test of time and meat lovers' cynical judgment about taste.

And they were right to judge. Plant-based meat options were notoriously disappointing and often failed to hit the same spot as their meat equivalents, leaving a traditionally meat-dominated region with no options for the growing number of flexitarian consumers.


Burger King was launching their Plant-Base Range, a full menu of 3 different products, and the market didn't seem ready for it.

So how could we launch the range in an exciting but authentic way for the consumer?

As a brand opportunity, Burger King has been known for its "Taste is king" since 1954. Hence, the actual task in launching the Plant-Based Range was to get all meat lovers on our side first by addressing their biggest barrier when it comes to veggie meat: the compromise of taste.


We decided to challenge the conventional communication across the category by introducing our campaign concept: 'As Good As The Original.'


To get to the Kuwaiti's hearts and stomachs, we went for the killer entertaining combo (based on statistics of course): Comedy, drama and football.

Through an unusual but clever mockumentary, we introduced the story of Cristiano Ronaldo's doppelganger, a naïve but overconfident guy who really believes he is as good as his famous lookalike.

As the story unfolds, we see how he pushes himself to an almost delusional point where we can clearly notice that his reality does not match his thoughts. Building a story in which only at the end, we reveal our concept: 'Some things just aren't as good as the original, Burger King's new Plant-Based Whopper is.' Creating a fun and unexpected comparison between our character and the product.

This entertainment piece was the kick-off of our Plant-Based Range campaign with the promise that it would be exactly as good as the original range, and it was.