Kenwood: Anyone can cook

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When it came to purchasing food preparation products, consumers in 2020 are making emotional rather than rational choices

Home appliance brand Kenwood were renowned for their quality, long-lasting products, but how could they inject a sense of humanity and inspiration to the brand and set themselves apart from others in the market?

The heart of the kitchen

M&C Saatchi London needed to demonstrate the humanity of the brand and show that culinary pleasure comes from enjoyment of the cooking experience itself. So we launched ‘Kenwood Can’ – a flexible brand statement to demonstrate the brands ability to both deliver culinary inspiration and fulfil the needs of potential customers. ‘Kenwood Can’ is a rallying cry, the answer to any challenge and the reaction of people enjoying food that the product helped create. The tone of the campaign was warm and empowering, telling stories of how Kenwood products enhance culinary experiences, capturing moments of joy. Human and machine are at one, ingredients circling around them, mimicking the motion of a Kenwood mixer in action.

A global mix

The campaign went live in 20 markets and as such, the team took a deliberately modular approach to production – scenes could be cut down and stitched together in an endless number of combinations, driving efficiency for the brand. Overall, we created a suite of over 100 AV, print, digital and social assets.

Changing what people think is possible

What originally started with inspiring new consumers seeing a 55% increase from sales after week one of the campaign, also then drove current owners of Kenwood after seeing a 40% increase in attachment sales after week one.