De’Longhi: Perfetto

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The partnership between De’Longhi and M&C Saatchi is back on a global stage

A new and significant chapter follows the first, which saw the global debut of Brand Ambassador: Brad Pitt. The 2021 first global campaign aimed to establish the role of De’Longhi as a world coffee authority as it reached screens, retail outlets, and digital platforms across the globe. The results were remarkable: 240 million people reached, a +30% increase in awareness, a +4pp increase in coffee machine market share, and a +94% increase in conversations on social platforms.

The 2023 global campaign aims to exceed these results and ultimately confirm De’Longhi’s predominant role in the coffee world. That’s why the new story transports the target audience to a European setting, bringing people closer to the brand’s core identity and promise of authenticity. The pursuit of perfection in the creation of an excellent cup of coffee, the exploration of the many varieties of fresh beans, and the human connections that originate from this dedication: these are the elements of the new storytelling that leads the Brand Ambassador to enjoy a perfectly executed cup of coffee with De’Longhi machines, culminating in the now-iconic slogan “Perfetto”.

The globally designed campaign is meant to be a platform to support local product launches and give relevance to four different coffee machines, with a modular storyline that matches the needs of markets from the US to Australia, and from Europe to Asia.

Also, for this second chapter, the production has brought together critically acclaimed and award-winning names: director Bennett Miller, cinematographer Greig Fraser, composer Justin Hurwitz, and photographer Lachlan Bailey.

As the global communications hub for De'Longhi, we are incredibly proud of this new chapter, which rewards a great team effort in which the Client and the Agency have truly worked in synergy. This campaign is a work of excellence that pays honor to a brand that has always brought quality and authenticity into homes all over the world.

~Carlo Noseda, CEO of M&C Saatchi Milano and M&C Saatchi EU.

Zeno Adami, Global Brand Director of De'Longhi, expresses enthusiasm, stating: “This new chapter in De’Longhi’s global communication fills us with excitement and propels us optimistically toward the brand’s future. The campaign crafted by the M&C Saatchi team sets a new standard for the brand, combining deep strategic thinking and great creative value, as a result of a long-term partnership that will proceed for years to come”.

The campaign was created by M&C Saatchi Milano and produced by Smuggler, in collaboration with Utopia Milano for editing and post-production.