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Marigold Bolsters Enthusiasm for Domino’s Pizza in the Netherlands

Entertaining activation campaign, based on Marigold’s Selligent platform, spurs engagement among younger customers in popular European market

Marketers often have a winning idea for a promotional campaign but lack the tools and resources to pull it off. A case in point: Domino’s Pizza Netherlands. The brand, well-known around the world for guaranteeing deliveries of hot, fresh meals within 20 minutes, is the most popular pizza option in this European country, where it serves customers from 300 locations.

The company aims to expand its presence in the market to 450 stores, but to drive this growth it needs to stimulate further enthusiasm and engagement among customers. It also needs to build its base among younger age groups, which are highly mobile and difficult to reach via traditional marketing channels.

Together with its marketing and data automation agency, Ematters, Domino’s conceptualized a “Domino’s 20 Minutes Campaign” that would ask customers a fun question: what can you do in 20 minutes as you await delivery of your orders? The campaign would invite customers to upload photos of their activities and vote for their favorites and, in the process, nurture personalized relationships with new and existing fans. The challenge for Domino’s, however, was that the campaign would require a seamless engagement experience across all major channels, such as email, the Domino’s website, television, social media, and radio—capabilities the company and its agency did not have in-house.

Domino’s and Ematters turned to Selligent by Marigold to design and build the 20-minute campaign. The Selligent team developed a marketer-friendly omnichannel campaign, rooted in a mobile-first perspective, that delivers a user-friendly experience for both Domino’s and its customers alike.

Key features of the Selligent solution include two automated flows of user data—one for customers submitting entries and one for voters. Domino’s can leverage this information to map and build out profiles of individual customers. The company can combine this information, along with transactional histories and other data, to push out time-sensitive, and location-based marketing messages to individual customers. It can take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI), integrated into the Selligent platform, to further optimize personalization with customer-specific product recommendations across all relevant channels. The solution also provides tools that Domino’s and Ematters’ teams can use to manage and control which customer entries to feature on the Domino’s website.

The campaign enabled by Marigold has proven its effectiveness, generating more than 800 entries. According to Ematters, the response has increased name recognition, visibility, and customer involvement for Domino’s in the Netherlands while activating a younger target group. For Marigold, the partnership illustrates its continued involvement with businesses in the European Union and its commitment to the region.

Read the full case study here.


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