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How Incrementality Led The White Company to a 21% Increase in Profits

The global retailer generated more than $500K in additional revenue by implementing customized automated trigger journeys from Marigold.

The White Company is a successful, global retailer with 60 stores and a thriving ecommerce business that ships to 100 countries. The retailer, known for its everyday luxury home products, generated all-time high interest during the pandemic as new and established customers updated their living spaces with new bedding, candles or housewares.

With increased traffic and a rapidly growing customer base, The White Company understood the importance of adhering to incrementality. Without incremental upticks in revenue, marketing campaigns would need to be reevaluated to ensure communication tactics were also building customer relationships.

“It's not [just] about revenue, it’s about incrementality. It’s about proving the value of that email by looking at what would've happened had I not sent that email.”
- Nick Wilcox, Head of CRM & Performance Marketing, The White Company

What is most important in relationship marketing, Nick says, is relevance. Any brand can take simple data to create personalizations, but “personalization needs purpose,” and Marigold’s solution helps The White Company make sure they’re “not just doing personalization for personalization’s sake.” And this is measured through incrementality. The White Company uses Cheetah Digital by Marigold to power the data they need to understand the incremental impact of various email tactics.

Employing A/B testing allows The White Company to focus analysis around control groups and understand the uplift of email tactics. This data-forward approach drives decision-making in areas like automated trigger journeys in welcome series or abandoned cart messaging and countdown timers in advance of events or launches. Examining the uplift of these tactics compared to a control group informs The White Company on future messaging and journeys to focus on.

With the “right” data harnessed, The White Company learned that implementing real-time engagement tools like video and countdown clocks when running events or product launches drove uplift. These key learnings support The White Company’s plans on investing more in these tools, especially important around high-sales seasons. By reducing their reliance on promotions and discounting, The White Company maintained and grew the brand’s image as an upscale retailer.

The White Company turned a small and mighty team into a fierce force in retail relationship marketing by fully integrating Marigold services with their CRM and marketing teams.

To hear more from Nick about how Marigold is helping leverage incrementality to build better relationships with customers while driving revenue, watch this video from Signals 22.


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