Spirits Brand Uses Marigold To Personalize Membership, Boost Retention, and Increase Revenue

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Brands are recognizing the power of a membership program for growing and maintaining a loyal audience

A strong cross-channel marketing platform that automates the delivery of personalized experiences to members can make all the difference, as Flaviar and Caskers discovered.

E-Commerce spirits platform, Caskers, along with its spirits membership club owner, Flaviar, both needed to create personalized journeys and offer messaging for customers at scale. With the help of Sailthru by Marigold — the marketing solution designed for rapid activation across media, publishing, and retail businesses — they were able to easily offer the right product recommendations to different audience segments, based on their location and their product preferences.

Using Sailthru’s recommendation engine, Flaviar and Caskers quickly deliver products to users based on regional availability. Before Sailthru’s solution, this required manually checking email lists and feeds by location. The result saved time and provided sophisticated personalization capabilities, leading to better click and conversion rates and higher revenue.

“Inside of Sailthru, we are segmenting a lot so we use audience builder on a daily level,” Head of CRM at Flaviar and Caskers, Tea Dezman explains. “We are monitoring the performance of different lists. We can also see automated email campaigns, how these are performing and we can segment the user’s location and the best performing product.”

The solution also helps convert gifted members to permanent ones.

“We have two different groups of customers, one that is only buying gifts and the other that are members. Throughout the year, we show them the value, not just the tangible benefits. And on the way, we try to convince them to renew,” Tea concludes.

See more about how Flaviar and Caskers used Sailthru’s powerful features to keep their members engaged in this video from Marigold’s recent Signals22 conference.