Selligent Scores A Blockbuster Hit With European Movie Chain

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Like most movie theaters worldwide, Belgian-French cinema chain Kinepolis Group got hit hard by the pandemic

Visitors to Europe’s third-largest theater chain dropped from 40.3 million to 17.2 million.

So it ramped up its marketing programs to bring audiences back into theater seats, and turned to Selligent by Marigold for help.

Kinepolis Group established one template for all their outgoing communications, using the same building blocks and templates across all eight European countries they operate in, with the goal of improved brand identity and uniformity of communication.

It also integrated Selligent’s personalization tools to capture customers’ behaviors and interests. This included updating their preference settings to collect more information about each user. Additional features included internal display ads, social media campaigns, and automated user journey flows designed to reduce cart abandonment rates, as well as creating urgency with “last chance” notifications about soon-to-leave movies.

The results speak for themselves:

- 203% increase in open rates
- 821% increase in click through rates
- 1900% increase in conversion rates

With more relevant user data to work with, Kinepolis gained the ability to deliver more personalize (and unified) messaging reach the right audience at the right time.