Dutch Department Store Satisfies Shoppers With Selligent

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Amsterdam’s De Bijenkorf (“The Beehive”) department store has several locations around the Netherlands and a robust eCommece site

But it had a problem with its email system. It took to long to create email campaigns, and messages were not personalized to each shopper. In fact, there would often be up to 16 versions of an email designed for a single campaign.

So De Bijenkorf looked for a new system, and turned to RapidSugar and Selligent by Marigold for help. Selligent was able to fit seamlessly into its existing tech stack, and added an entire suite of personalization options. Selligent helped De Bijenkorf add over 5,000 content blocks to their site, which inform automated customer journeys that allow the retailer to send personalized email to each customer based on their shopping history and preferences.

This predictive model delivered notable results. Email clickthrough rates increased 30%, and conversion rates by 31%. What’s more, De Bijenkorf now has more efficient and truly personalized operations to make every shopper feel special.