HenkelX Ventures May Xchange

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When the lockdown kicked in across the majority of the world, HenkelX Ventures was hoping to find a way to stick to their thought leadership events agenda in some shape or form

They wanted their roundtable and conference series to stand out from a large number of regular Zoom webinars being hosted daily and to create a unique experience for their guests. Their first roundtable event in the series, “Rebooting the Digital Economy”, needed to be interactive and easily allow their VC, start-up and corporate guests to share their insights on important global topics.

In response to the major restrictions put in place due to Covid-19, we decided to be proactive and find a way to cut through the noise of daily newsletters about event cancellations and propose a fully customisable platform for hosting the HenkelX Ventures events online. In less than a week, we created a bespoke virtual platform, which reflected on the slickness of the brand, provided easy navigation through the website and an ability to analyse guest engagement and participation. These added reporting benefits provided the HenkelX Ventures team with greater audience insights and data to help optimise future events in the series.

Due to the event taking place during lockdown, and the industry HenkelX Ventures operates within, it was crucial to talk about the future and reboot of the digital economy. The guest list included key players in the industry – HenkelX Ventures partners, VCs and start-ups who believe in acceleration of innovative power through debate and collaboration.

The event was hosted by the Head Open Innovation at HenkelX Ventures, Salima Douven from the beginning to end, guiding the guests through the short roundtable sessions. The keynote session was delivered by Alexandra V. Mousavizadeh, Partner at Tortoise Media and Director of Tortoise Intelligence, who shared valuable insights into ‘the role of AI in the recovery’. We created a format that enabled guests to share their experiences, challenges and solutions to the problems. For this we specifically integrated ‘Xchange break out rooms’ where they were able to discuss the controversial topics in smaller groups and then share their group insights in a wider roundtable roundup at the end of the event.

This event was a great kick off for a series of virtual and hybrid events that we have coming up in the next six months.

Xchange highlights:

  • 20 attendees
  • 71% attendance rate
  • 1 keynote speaker
  • 3 breakout rooms
  • 1 closing roundtable session