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Manifesto brings onboard conversational AI experts

by Gemma Reeve

February 11, 2021

Manifesto, an award-winning digital experience, technology and strategy agency, has brought onboard two new conversational AI experts, Antoine de la Gardette and John Ennew.

The duo are moving to Manifesto from Greenshoot Labs, a company which specialises in conversational AI and is part of The Panoply, Manifesto’s parent. The new recruits mark an exciting time in the development of Manifesto. As The Panoply’s leading experience brand, Manifesto can now push on with delivering chat and voice-based projects at scale with the help of internal expertise.

Jim Bowes, CEO of Manifesto, says:

I’m so excited John and Antoine are joining Manifesto. As the hype around AI, chatbots and voice starts to fall away, with the advent of good UX and solid problem solving, businesses are actually ready to start adopting this technology in a meaningful, user-centred way. We’re ready to support them on that journey.”

Led by Dr. Ronald Ashri, Manifesto’s sister firm Greenshoot Labs is currently driving the adoption of enterprise conversational AI with its powerful framework ‘OpenDialog’. By forming a bridge of talent between itself and Manifesto, the two firms are entering into the first phase of a long-planned strategy which intends to accelerate product development and increase implementation capability.

Dr. Ronald Ashri, CEO of Greenshoot Labs, says:

“As Greenshoot Labs focuses more on the product development of OpenDialog, it’s important we grow out our capabilities. With more rocket fuel, we can deliver more enterprise conversational experiences.”

The Panoply celebrated its fourth birthday last year. The group employs some 420 full-time workers today. It has come a long way since it set out, in 2016, to prove purpose and profit can in fact live together under the harshest of commercial spotlights.

Committed to positive change since its inception, Manifesto is one of the founding members of The Panoply. From within Manifesto, newcomers Antoine and John will set about growing a conversational AI practice which continues to partner with Greenshoot Labs.

Taking up the position of Products and AI Director, John Ennew says:

“This is a great opportunity to take specialist knowledge of conversational AI and deliver user-centred applications for a wide range of organisations. We can use our connection to Greenshoot Lab to remain at the forefront of this emergent field. And we can use the scale and experience of Manifesto to deliver great products for users and clients alike.”

An object-oriented approach to content management and content modelling has become increasingly important. And it’s an approach Manifesto has already begun working with. Recent projects have seen the team prototype a voice assistant for Cancer Research UK, as well as deliver a conversational experience for Genesis Housing.

Antoine de la Gardette, Head of Conversational AI, comments:

“I can’t wait to bring my experience from working with major brands on conversational products and intelligent assistants, to my work with Manifesto’s clients. In the coming years, this emergent area will change millions of interactions in our day to day lives. Working in an organisation that has both deep customer experience and technology skills means we’re well placed to deliver on this potential.”

For the first half of 2021, the newly-expanded team will be working with existing clients on chat and voice products, alongside exploring a number of new propositions. Manifesto is also available for speaking opportunities to share the team’s insights on the application of conversational AI. Get in touch if you’d like to talk more about speaking opportunities, or general voice product enquiries.


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