Manifesto is a multi-award winning, agile agency of creatives, coaches, strategists and technologists who collaborate with exceptional organisations to help them own their future.

London, United Kingdom
Founded: 2011
Staff: 63
Content Management
User Experience
Digital Design
motion graphics
Video production
Website development
website design
content strategy

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Diabetes UK
London Borough of Camden
Cancer Research UK
The English-Speaking Union
Notting Hill Genesis
The Health Foundation
Visit England
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Royal British Legion

and 2 more

Sector Experience
Housing Associations

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An era of constant change

by Gemma Reeve

December 8, 2021

Organisations are always evolving and, for Manifesto, the multi-award winning digital experience agency, this is a moment of profound change. Ten years after Manifesto was created, a series of significant changes will make us better suited to the world around us, set us up for future success and allow us to help our clients with the challenges they are now facing.

Manifesto was founded in 2011 by Jim Bowes and two former colleagues around the belief that digital can and should do more for organisations. In the years since, its clients have included UNICEF UK, the NHS, the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew and the University of Dundee. In 2018, Manifesto became part of The Panoply – a digitally native technology services group created by tech entrepreneur Neal Gandhi.

After this busy decade of growing Manifesto, not only is founder Jim Bowes is taking a different role and handing over to new MD Rebecca Hull but the agency itself is evolving into its next iteration as part of a larger organisation.

Introducing TPXimpact

Change will also define Rebecca’s role as MD, with The Panoply having announced in July that it is bringing all the businesses in the group together as a single organisation under a single brand – TPXimpact.

“At Manifesto, we have always been proud to be a part of driving such positive change across The Panoply’s client portfolio,” says Rebecca. “This new brand will transform the organisations, services and systems that underpin society and drive positive change.”

Neal Gandhi describes TPXimpact as, “an incredible opportunity to organise ourselves in a new way. Under this new brand, we’re bringing together all the great skills, capabilities, knowledge, culture and decades of history to make an even bigger impact for clients and for people.”

As a startup, an expanding standalone business, one of the initial companies forming The Panoply and now the next part of the evolution, forming as TPXimpact, the staff of Manifesto have proved their adaptability and will continue to help drive sustainable and purposeful change. Indeed, the Covid-19 pandemic has already demanded exactly the sort of imaginative thinking, agile execution and rapid pivoting to digital that TPXimpact is already positioned to provide.

Going forward, Manifesto will form part of a larger Digital Experience division of TPXimpact, which will also bring together teams from other group companies to form a diverse and ambitious capability, led by Rebecca as Managing Director.

TPXimpact will now be able to offer both existing and new clients an even wider range of services and skills that will help deliver the type and scope of transformation that’s urgently needed. The world has changed so very much during the global pandemic and we have all seen different sectors and organisations respond and adapt.

TPXimpact aims to be an effective and efficient force for good, building sustainable futures for people and communities by partnering with organisations to create the kind of change that truly matters. Values and aspirations which have always been at the core of Manifesto. This is one factor which hasn’t changed.

Transformation that matters


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