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Using Adobe Campaign to optimise personalisation

Conservation organisation, The National Trust, helps to protect special places throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland, making them accessible for people to enjoy and respect.

The National Trust wanted to personalise the user experience of supporters, to make sure they were receiving the most relevant content for their needs, and streamline some of their communications processes through automation.


The Adobe Campaign team at Manifesto suggested ways of improving current communications workflows, and reducing the workload around daily campaigns.

Unlocking the value of the Trust’s data

By utilising Adobe Campaign’s rich feature-set of data analysis tools, we helped the National Trust develop insight across a variety of domains, from profiling to database health and resourcing. We also helped them improve their back-end database by designing and implementing new elements to organise their existing data feeds.

Simplifying email personalisation

Location data is important to the National Trust, to serve the most relevant content to users to proactively drive support and sales. In the past, tailoring comms relied on maintaining up to 40 individual email templates.

The team at Manifesto created a single dynamic email template that uses customer data and location information to personalise content at scale, whilst retaining the ability to fine tune the smallest details. By automating this process through a bespoke request, the process of serving users the most relevant information to them, and making adjustments to email comms, has been greatly simplified.

Optimising workflows

It’s important to understand what workflows are working efficiently, and which We worked with the Trust to understand where there were opportunities to improve the efficiency of their workflows, to make it easier to maintain their databases and data services. Through automating some current workflows, and developing some new ones, they are now able to manage and monitor their daily operations at a glance.


The newly implemented daily reporting has saved the team at National Trust a massive amount of time and effort in ensuring their comms are working as expected and that their database processes remain efficient. The implementation of the single dynamic email template has been a ‘huge improvement’ to efficiency of their communications workflows and has dramatically reduced the time spent making updates to their email content. Our evaluation of the efficiency of their database structure has helped reduce query times and increase the reliability of data pulls, speeding up all of their existing customer-based processes.

“The Adobe Campaign team here at the Trust support the entire business including Membership, Fundraising, Retail, Holidays and Volunteering as well as making it possible for our regional marketing teams to send highly personalised email campaigns to their local audiences. As we move into our next phase where we will optimise our campaigns for increased relevance, ensuring our supporters have the best possible experience with us, efficiency has become ever more important. We have some really fantastic, engaging content available to us and Manifesto have done a brilliant job of streamlining our processes and ensuring that content is at our fingertips.” Adrian Hart – Adobe Campaign Manager, National Trust


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