Different types of essays a student may have to write – Know before you write

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Even for a seasoned college student, essays can still be a complicated business

For the different types of essays that are there, there are rules which are applicable and you may find it tough enough to keep them in order. If you’re a student who is reading this article, you will definitely need to deal with essays at some point of your life and hence it is always better to know the different types of essays that you may have to deal with. Effectively penning down different essays has become a crucial part of deciding academic success as essay writing is a common school practice and also a part of all school tests.

While there are dozens of essay types, you need not get confused as the number is manageable. Ideally, there are mainly 4 types of essays which are considered as the major kinds but there are variations which even make up the remainder. So, let’s take a look at the different types of essays.

#1: Narrative Essays which tell a story

In case of a narrative essay, the writer usually tells you a story about some real-life experience. By reading this, you may think that this is indeed an easy thing to do but the challenges of narrative essays are that they force a student to think and also write about themselves. You have to involve and engage the reader by making the story as vivid as is possible. Narrative essays are usually written in the first person and hence you have to begin with ‘I’.

#2: Descriptive essays which draw a clear picture

A descriptive essay will paint a clear picture with words. In such an essay, the writer may describe a place, a person, some object or even the memory of someone special. But if you describe just for the sake of description, you won’t get appreciation. You have to communicate a deeper meaning through your description. When it is a descriptive essay, you have to weave colourful words with sensor details. You have to appeal to the emotion of the readers.

#3: Expository essays which mentions just the facts

The expository essay is an informative essay which offers a balanced analysis on any topic like business, professional, medical science, life science or anything on physical science. This type of essay entails a wide range of variations like the cause and effect essay, contrast and comparison essay or the normal ‘how-to’ process essay. In such essays, writers don’t speak about their emotions or they don’t write in first person.

#4: Persuasive essay where you have to convince readers

When we speak about a persuasive essay, we also mean an argumentative essay. Here you will require exploring some topic and collecting evidence. But here you have to take a stand either for the topic or against it.

There are many professional essay writing companies which provide you with help when it comes to writing essays. Continue reading books to inculcate the habit of good writing skills.