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Driving transformation: Lemma VP, Michael Chevallier, on leveraging emerging media formats

by Michelle Ingham

June 6, 2023

Here, Michael Chevalier (VP Lemma, North America) talks about the emerging media formats the likes of CTV & Programmatic DOOH and how brands can harness the power of these mediums to seamlessly engage audiences through a single omnichannel supply side platform.

What channels do you see flourishing in the emerging media space?

I’ve always had a personal preference for OOH as an advertising medium, so to the extent that traditional OOH signage continues to become digitized globally it creates an incredible canvas on which brands can engage their consumers. I heard someone use the phrase “emotional contagion” to uniquely describe TV commercials recently, but I believe it also applies to DOOH. I remember seeing a roadside billboard in Iceland in 2019 with an entire car crashing through it, as part of a campaign against drunk driving, and it really stuck with me, as much as any TV commercial I can recall.

What strategies do you think brands can use to engage audiences through DOOH and connected TV (CTV) effectively?

I’m surprised there’s not more connective tissue between the two. From a sell-side tech perspective, you generally either support one or the other, but not both. On the agency side as well, especially in the US, buying is still fragmented. But they are both upper-funnel, high-impact mediums so to bring them together for buyers to more easily plan and transact would represent a big shift in the market.

On the planning front, an omnichannel platform for emerging formats like DOOH and CTV will assist to connect the audience journey and effectively measure campaign reach through a single platform. For instance: a leading beauty brand leverages an omnichannel SSP platform, combining DOOH and CTV. Their ads captivate consumers on digital billboards in prime locations and appear during beauty and lifestyle content on connected TVs. The brand achieves seamless audience connection and measures campaign impact through a unified platform.

How will these mediums help brands navigate after the death of the cookie?

If you look at the major tech players in CTV today, most of them come from a legacy display or mobile business, and those businesses are under massive pressure because of what’s going on with cookies and IDs. You’re already seeing a flight of dollars from those mediums to emerging formats, and the enhanced targeting and addressability of DOOH vs OOH and CTV versus linear TV represents a huge opportunity for brands. Contextual advertising will be crucial in the cookie-less world. Emerging formats such as DOOH and CTV will provide more ways to identify audience intent and define strategy through contextual signals.

How do you think the current conversations around identity and privacy will play out in the CTV and DOOH world?

There definitely seems to be less scrutiny of these mediums than of the open web and the mobile ecosystem. I don’t envision a scenario where either medium sees any data and targeting restrictions akin to what’s going on in the open web and mobile app ecosystem, but it’s a bipartisan hot button and with the 2024 election coming.

How does working with an omnichannel SSP benefit brands and agencies?

In the current landscape, planning an awareness campaign across CTV and DOOH suppliers often involves managing multiple platforms, partners, interfaces, and data sources on both the buy and sell side. However, we envision a future where brands can simplify their buying process through a single, transparent platform for CTV and DOOH. By leveraging an omnichannel platform, brands can seamlessly connect the audience journey and effectively measure ROI, all within a unified interface. This streamlined approach eliminates the complexities of fragmented solutions, empowering brands to optimize their advertising efforts efficiently and achieve greater campaign success.


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