Walmart: Swipe Up: A retail revolution

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Transforming the world's largest retailer

Transforming the world's largest retailer

150 million customers visit the world’s largest retailer every week.

But the Walmart in-store experience had become confused and uninspiring.
So we asked the question: what happens if we view Walmart stores not as physical space, but as the world's largest user interface? The result: Swipe Up, a mobile-first in-store experience. A real-life shopping experience led by the virtual world, centred on navigation that is bold, purposeful, intuitive and puts the customer in control. Dovetailing perfectly into the overall brand idea of 'Time well spent' the Swipe Up concept ensures you maximise your time in store and all its associated benefits.

Swipe Up?

Swipe Up set a new bar for the customer journey mapping. Armed with a phone full of information, customers navigate stores designed to reflect app content. Bold typeface and number and letter combinations in-store echo those in-app, creating a virtual map of each store. The customer-centric, brand-led service design transforms the look and feel of both the stores and shopper behaviour, delivering the products they want without frustration, and creating more time for browsing other products and services.

1,000+ store rollouts by end 2021