Etihad: Outstanding as standard

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This is more than an airline

It's a destination

Etihad wanted nothing less than to redefine global air travel, a remarkable aspiration in a downgraded market.

This brand concept of Remarkable infuses the airline with legendary stature. We created a visual system that draws on the spirit of modern Arabia, melding elements of its visionary architecture, dreamscape deserts and unprecedented luxury. Fusing Arab traditions with technological innovation, Etihad reflects this remarkable locale while soaring high above it.

Telling the story of a new global nation

Our vision allowed Etihad to imagine how it could extend its brand idea, positioning the airline as a ‘remarkable’ gateway to the world. Etihad is not a seller of seats. It doesn’t have passengers; it has guests. We recaptured the pioneering spirit of the first airlines, challenging today’s notions of devalued flight experiences and creating luxury and surprise offers for travellers. This innovative experiential brand spirit of the airline is a direct reflection of the destination itself.

23% Year-on-year passenger growth following rebrand