Apraava: Energy that moves a nation

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What you do with energy matters more than how much you have of it

What you do with energy matters more than how much you have of it

CLP India (CLPI), a 20-year-old India-based energy company, was feeling the heat from a traditional and overly coal-reliant industry. When a new Canadian investor came on board, CLPI was ready for explosive growth.

Our challenge?
Decarbonise the business, re-energise the brand, and become India’s largest diversified energy company. Our core idea, energy in action, gave life to Apraava, a brand inspired by Sanskrit agni (fire), prithvi (earth), ambu (water) and vayu (wind). A clean white base, bold typography and stunning energy patterns meet contextual storytelling to create a standout identity, ushering in a new age of sustainable growth and diversity.

Energy becomes more powerful when it meets meaningful
human interaction

Energy in action shifts the focus from energy production to the useful outcomes energy produces. Not just powering homes, but all the good that comes with positive climate action. In a first for India, a real-time algorithm creates visual patterns for all types of energy generated based on weather and energy data from Apraava’s plants, each element coded to move in ways inspired by the natural elements themselves. Apraava employees are the fifth element, the x factor that gets the other four elements moving.

On the back of the new brand, Apraava announced doubling down on its investments in clean energy over four years, and committed to impacting two million lives by 2025.

“We came for a name and a logo. We walked away with an emotion.”

Madhurima J, Head of Corporate Communications