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#21IN21 | Steve's Courageous Challenge

by Matt Lloyd

September 6, 2018

Imagine getting up in the morning completely determined to do something incredibly difficult, but that you know will make a positive change in the world - and then doing it again the next day, and the next, and the next… 21 consecutive times.

The Why

What could possibly be a strong enough motivation to maintain your determination and drive? We asked Steve. He is part of the Lab family and will be spending the better part of September... running.

For the past 15 years, Steve has been working with Naomi House - a fantastic charity that celebrates 21 years of existence this year. He has also raised money through running marathons, some crazy running ultras such as the Marathon Des Sables in 2012 and the Centurion 100 in 2014.

For 21 years, Naomi House & Jacksplace have provide individualised care for children with life limiting illnesses and much needed respite and support for the whole family through the good days, difficult days and last days. This care continues for as long as a family need it. To deliver this service, the charity need to raise £8.5M each and every year.

The What

To help them raise the money they need, Steve has decided to run 21 marathons in 21 consecutive days. No days off, no breaks. 21 marathons back-to-back.

That’s a pretty decent challenge that should capture everyone’s imagination - and raise some funds. Steve’s target this year is an ambitious £100,000.

The start date is Sunday Sept 9th when he will be running the New Forest Marathon. So less than 25 days to go!

The Team

On hearing about Steve’s challenge, some were shocked, some were excited, some admired his courage to be engaging in such a crazy challenge - but ultimately most people wanted to get involvedbe it through donations, running alongside him or (more imaginatively) shaving...

We’ve also got a team of internal people joining in on the challenge. They will be running with Steve for a handful of the 21 days - we’ve got Tom Head (Joint Founder and Director), Rachel Howe (Finance Director), Andy Mason (General Manager), Daryll Scott (Director of Human Technology) and Matt Lloyd (Digital Planner). They’re aiming to help raise money as well as support Steve as he tackles his titanic challenge.

John Horsley of Digital Doughnut decided to go an extra step. The more money Steve raises, the more hair he will be shaving off. Here are the levels we’re hoping yo reach:

£5,000 reached would be all hair shaved off

£10,000 reached would then be the beard shaved off

£20,000 reached would be a back, sack and crack (waxed)

£40,000 reached would be both eyebrows!! (but that will never happen, will it?!!)

Yes, he will be following through with his promise... We got it all on tape:

Phil Jones, founder of the legendary Podge Events, has very kindly offered to support Steve in his challenge as well. Another official sponsor of the #21IN21 challenge!

The Target

Steve’s target is £100,000 for this amazing charity. If you would like to support Steve, please click through here.

If you would like to know more about Naomi House visit their website here.


The #21IN21 initiative has managed to hit the first milestone of £5,000 raised! So as promised, John went ahead and shaved all of his hair. We all know what's next...