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The Chuffed Store appoints Kitty to build online Marketplace for launch

by Jessica Hollingbery

2 September 2020 11:11am

Launching for the first time, The Chuffed Store worked with Design and Development agency, Kitty to create an ecommerce solution to enable suppliers to sell their products in a fast, secure and SEO friendly manner.

Chuffed Store needed a fully responsive ecommerce platform to drive traffic and sales, but also wanted to offer consumers an immersive experience, with embedded content, to place human connection back into the centre of shopping.

Kitty designed a site to create a strong brand identity and editorial feel across the BigCommerce site, with the ambition to inspire ideas through engaging content, drive community spirit and encourage return visitors.

Millie Cowie, Founder at The Chuffed Store, explains: “We wanted to create an ecommerce site that spices up online shopping- the experience needs to be more inspiring and exciting. We are a unique curated portal where you can find beautifully made products from artists makers and creative entrepreneurs all across the British isles. Our website had to reflect this. What Kitty has created for us will aid our makers to drive their sales through a unique ecommerce platform that gives them a truly human presence online- with everyone along the process feeling well chuffed.”

Rob Knight, Managing Director at Kitty, added: “The client was looking for a unique online solution which required a design-based strategy to ensure function and transaction sat at the heart of the site, but video, sound, photography and illustration created an immersive and inspiring experience for the user.”

The Chuffed Store was launched to provide a curated product offering from suppliers around the British Isles, to send users onto a shared platform to connect supplier to buyer. The suppliers could be considered artisanal, smallholdings with a customer base that wishes to "buy from a neighbour" and support quasi-local suppliers. In effect, it is a quality-based marketplace.

Kitty is one of four agencies that make up specialist digital network, TIPi Group. The independent group also houses Voice Specialist agency Rabbit & Pork, Performance arm ROAST and digital consultancy The Market.

The Chuffed Store website is live and can be found here.


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