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UK? Completed it mate

by Phoebe Maxwell

March 31, 2021

America, we are coming for you after our acquisition of Crusader Talent.

In case you didn’t know we are a talent management agency who has worked with some high profile brands such as *takes deep breath*, TheHutGroup’s - MyProtein and Zavvi,Twitch, Epic Games, The Champions League, Logitech, PizzaHut and Gymshark.

Based in the UK, we manage the likes of TV Personality, James Buckley, streaming royalty B0aty, and FIFA’s finest MattHDGamer. Yes, we know our roster is strong but now we’ve spread our wings into the US, it’s only getting stronger. We welcome 20 more creators!

So who are Crusader? Allow us to introduce you. It was founded by Mason and Brooke back in November 2019. Being a huge RuneScape fan, Mason spotted the rise in the number of sponsorship opportunities appearing in the Old School RuneScape (OSRS) community.

Learning from YouTube and Twitch, they knew that there were several successful case studies for niche titles and thought this could be replicated for the OSRS community, if they collaborated with the right content creators - and that they did!

Co-founder Liam Parkinson, said (incoming professional and press worthy comment) “Ultimately, to be at the forefront of the best brand collaborations in the industry, a US expansion is pivotal and is a first for the agency. The acquisition of Crusader underpins Turopium’s year one success and this US expansion will enable Turopium’s creators to continue creating world-class content supported by experts in local markets, whilst bolstering our talent roster offering to brands.

We are also excited to welcome Brooke and Mason to help drive our US effort. They’re both pioneers within this industry and we’re thrilled to have them onboard. ”

They commented “We are thrilled to join one of the most accomplished and well-respected organisations in the industry. Together, we will maximise the value of partnerships between our influencers and brands, deliver mutually advantageous campaigns, and foster long-lasting success in the US market. We couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity to work alongside Turopium in this new venture.”

Liam went on to tease “This is just the beginning of our international plans, so we’ll see you soon, Europe.”

We will be putting the UK and US to the test with a number of challenges across our social in the next few weeks, so watch this space!