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GG Talent Group joins the Turopium family

by Sammy Hardesty

November 5, 2021

Yes, you read the title right! We’re so excited to announce that we have made our second US acquisition and that GG Talent Group has joined the Turopium party.

Co-founded by Angela Harper and Eric Harper in Chicago, GG Talent focuses on creating sustainable growth strategies and brand partnerships for gaming and music creators. Since its inception, the talent group has worked with a whole host of impressive global brands including ABC, Bose, Capcom, Hello Fresh, HyperX, Grubhub, Kraft, Razer, Sony Pictures and Square Enix.

What’s more though, GG Talent prides itself on building a business with a diverse and inclusive mindset. With 50 influencers from 12 countries and a large presence of POC creators with a close to 40:60 female to male ratio, GG Talent can be seen as a huge advocate for D&I in the space today. Some of the agency’s talent includes the likes of Jessu, Distortion2, Squillakilla, The_Happy_Hob, Elajjaz, GrandPOObear and Dish. Side note, if you haven’t checked this lot out yet, make sure you do.

So, what does this acquisition actually mean for Turopium? Well for a start, Angela and Eric will be joining the team as VP Talent & Operations and SVP Commercial - fancy! We’ll also be welcoming 50 additional creators to our talent roster, further demonstrating that we really are working with some of the most talented creators across the world.

Commenting on how excited they are to join the team, Angela and Eric said: “The core ethos of talent-first was what drew us to Turopium. Their approach to talent management is exactly the same as how we work with our creators, ensuring their needs, wants, and voices are met/heard. On top of that, they have the backing of the entire Kairos Group team, well it just really doesn’t get that much better than that!

“We can’t wait to join Turopium and the wider Kairos Group and continue to build a diverse and inclusive portfolio on a global scale.”

Liam Parkinson, founder and senior vice president at Turopium, added: “From the momentum we built in 2020, we had to ensure that we didn’t lose this going into 2021 and continue to grow the business in a healthy and sustainable way - and we’ve done just that. With the acquisition for Crusader in early 2021, a growing talent pool that is more diverse and inclusive and positive revenue growth, Turopium’s progress has exceeded all of our expectations.

“From our first conversations with Angela and Eric, we knew GG Talent’s approach to managing their talent and clients aligns perfectly with the Group’s core values of challenge, champion and evolve. We knew that there was something special there!

“GG Talent is one of the most exciting independent talent agencies in the US and Angela and Eric have done an incredible job in making it their mission to work with a diverse and inclusive roster of talent.

“Now with Angela and Eric joining, not only are we reinforcing Turopium’s offering and talent but we are even more confident that we have the right people in place to reach our 2022 target of 100% revenue growth.”

To keep up to date with all the latest goings on at Turopium, make sure you’re following us on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/company/turopium-ltd/ and Twitter twitter.com/turopium/.


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