#FifaFridays with Pizza Hut and Boost Gaming

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Activating FIVE online tournaments across FIVE weeks with only ONE week turnaround? Completed it mate

10x ROI

Over 7 million impressions

2,593 players registered

£482,000 earned media value

$12,500 in cash prizes

Creator-led. Community-powered.

Using the power of our three agencies, we created and launched the FIRST EVER Kairos-owned weekly FIFA tournament.

With an aim to engage with the gaming community whilst harnessing the idea of hosting a challenge in a world where everyone is stuck indoors, we came up with a genius idea. We wanted to create the best FIFA tournament that had ever graced the internet.

Bringing pizza chain heavyweight Pizza Hut UK and digital gaming brand Boost Gaming along for the ride, our goal was to provide an experience for both gamers and two leading brands that hadn’t been seen before. We wanted Pizza Hut and Boost Gaming to have complete customisation and exposure throughout the campaign.

That’s right. No tiny ads and miserable hidden graphics. We needed our sponsors to be seen.

Once maximum exposure was engaged it was all about the execution and community. That’s something we’ve got bags of experience in.

Enlisting the help of pro FIFA YouTuber MattHDGamer, who has over 2.4m subscribers you know, this tournament was all about being creator-led and community powered.

Haven’t FIFA tournaments been done before though?

Well technically they have, but we can guarantee that brands got more out of sponsoring our tournament than they would with any other. Did someone say 10x ROI?!

Designed on our very own platform, which we’ll be unveiling very soon, Pizza Hut UK and Boost Gaming benefitted from maximum exposure during their sponsorship time. With Pizza Hut bagging weeks one and five and Boost Gaming waving the flag on weeks two, three and four, each brand was visible across the tournament platform as well as on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Just the 7 million impressions there…

We even took the opportunity to utilise unique discount codes so that brands could actually see a direct link between participants/viewers and sales. Aren’t we smart cookies? It’s all about that tracking.

Alright, so we nailed the brand exposure. What else is different?

For this campaign to really work it couldn’t be about Kairos Group - it HAD to be about the content and brands sponsoring. Since our inception we’ve been working with influencers and creators and we’re bloody good at it. We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating a community online so we thought, why not practice what we preach?

Enticing people to get their hands on $12,500 in cash prizes and bringing MattHDGamer onboard to host, we weren’t just looking at how the campaign would run logistically. Our focus was on getting people competing and creating an engaged community that would hopefully transform into a regular audience for both Pizza Hut UK and Boost Gaming.

We’ll be back again for some more football chaos in season two this spring. Watch this space...