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Experimentation increases revenue by £4m for Liberty

by Katie Kirk

The challenge

Liberty London were struggling to drive significant change in ecommerce performance due to:

Slow internal processes - The internal development roadmap was under pressure from the entire business, so pushing front-end commercial projects through to production has to fight against a lot of other prioritisation in many different areas

Design by committee - With no real feedback and data on what works and what doesn't, website changes were informed by many different opinions from around the business

A disconnect between strategy and development - Due to both the previous reasons, strategic initiatives could not be mobilised efficiently in development meaning that ecommerce itself becomes disconnected from wider brand/strategy initiatives

The solution

In conjunction with Optimizely and EyeQuant, Journey Further embarked on an experimentation programme for Liberty's website navigation. By putting experimentation at the heart of ecommerce development operations, it has set the stage for enormous scale and expansion in the future.

Efficient front end design and experimentation - Journey Further's in-house front end UX and experimentation development team built complex, robust front-end tests using the Optimizely platform which made deploying complex tests easier, faster and more cost-effective

Experimentation operating system - Journey Further's unique methodology and system for driving experimentation ensured the programme was collaborative and can be prioritised effectively, meaning we’re able to drive broader themes from individual experiments and connect strategy to experimentation in innovative ways

The results

Demonstrated potential annualised incremental revenue of £5.6m which combines the benefit of positive changes, the risk avoidance of negative changes, as well as the dev cost saving associated with more efficient web development.

At Journey Further we focus on business strategy. We are using the learnings from experimentation in order to identify and tackle bigger strategic questions, and top-down, whereby our experimentation efforts are driven by the strategic direction of your business. We continue to leverage this approach to ensure experimentation is driving at the heart of e-commerce innovation.


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