Jellyfish becomes a Snapchat Strategic Data Partner

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Jellyfish has become a Snap Strategic Data Partner, as the tech company continues to remain agile around privacy, performance and measurement for its advertisers

The partnership between Snap and Jellyfish, will ensure that the Snapchat platform can continue to drive marketing performance for its advertisers and ultimately provide more control to brands in a cookieless future.

"We believe that server-side tagging in combination with cookieless tracking techniques, will become ‘the’ standard of measurement in 2023 by allowing advertisers to retain robust data signals whilst respecting a user’s privacy choices. By providing incremental data to platforms and increased match rates from hashed first-party data, algorithms are in a position to learn more effectively, leading to better marketing performance. "

~Brett Cella, Senior Data and Analytics Director, Jellyfish

Jellyfish is doubling down on its use of server-side tracking across its array of world-leading clients in its bid to alleviate the issues arising in a privacy-conscious world. Implementing server-side tracking is a way that brands can remain agile to ongoing privacy considerations, a common theme amongst Jellyfish’s client base.

Server-side tracking, like Snapchat’s Conversions API, allows advertisers to send signals, like on-site engagement, conversions, etc, to platforms directly from a server, rather than a browser, mitigating browser constraints and adding an additional layer of privacy. For advertisers, this means no loss of conversion data from their owned assets as we move away from third-party cookies.

"Privacy-safe measurement solutions are a key area of focus for Snap and our advertising partners. We're excited to have Jellyfish certified as a Snap Strategic Data Partner and we look forward to expanding on our work together."

~David Roter, VP of Global Agency Partnerships, Snap Inc.

If you want to know more about the partnership, or about our Snapchat or server-side tagging capabilities, email the team at Jellyfish at