It's A Trail Thing for Brooks Running. Celebrating the quirky habits of trail runners

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Brooks Running, a brand that champions and empowers its dedicated following of runners, wanted to utilise its scientific expertise and knowledge to create a brand moment that would resonate with the trail running community

Brooks Running knows that trail running is a state of mind as well as a physical activity. It’s not just about being outdoors, it’s about being in harmony with the natural environment.

Brooks Running enlisted Jellyfish to bring the science to life, and create a campaign that would drive authenticity and credibility within this passionate community.

It’s a Trail Thing is a three-part campaign created by Jellyfish that celebrates the nuances of trail-running; the highs, the lows and everything in between.

Filming took place at the Transgrancanaria race, which offered the perfect setting. It allowed Jellyfish to capture the quirky side of trail running, from the ‘grammable views to the bruises, as well as inspiration and motivation for the intended audience’s next adventure. The result was a campaign that truly captured the real, spontaneous and emotive moments of trail running, and illustrates how Brooks Running supports the trail running community to Run Happy.

“Trail runners aren't your everyday pavement pounders - they're a unique and brilliant bunch who run 100km for fun, in Nature's Playground! The 20th anniversary of the Transgrancanaria race gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase the individuality of the Brooks team, their incredible passion for great products and their awesome shared mindset with runners from all over the world - via a series of gritty social films. It's a Trail Thing takes us on an immersive, authentic journey across tough, mountainous terrain and long, difficult, distances to celebrate the community and camaraderie at the heart of trail running. The team at Brooks and Jellyfish have done an incredible job of expressing the transformative power of running - illustrating that with Brook's tools, any one of us can take on the trails, conquer the distance and Run Happy in the process.”

~Chris Goddard, VP Creative at Jellyfish