It's a touchdown! Bringing global NFL fans closer to the action with high impact creative

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As one of the most successful sports leagues in the world, the NFL has broad global popularity

To capitalise on this, they expanded the reach of their Game Pass subscription into European markets, with a multi-regional digital campaign designed and executed by Jellyfish.

The challenge was to build a data-driven, multi-moment creative campaign that would cut through the noise with maximum impact.

We delivered:

  • Creative across multiple regions served in four different languages with all 32 NFL teams represented.
  • 35 creative templates driven by eight dynamic content source feeds.
  • 14,000+ creative variations.
  • A bespoke and client-friendly creative preview system to demonstrate and visualise every possible creative variant.

Combining in-banner video, HTML5 interactivity and advanced dynamic creative functionality, we were able to showcase the NFLs signature entertainment product - star players and high-impact action gameplay - directly, with a major impact on performance.

The results speak for themselves - the ads averaged at 83% below the target CPA, and a 20% increase in year-on-year subscription growth.