Amazon Fashion #SportToStreet

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Amazon challenged Jellyfish to deliver an influencer marketing campaign that would reach new audiences across social platforms excitingly and authentically, sparking UGC, PR and social conversation around Amazon Fashion’s sportswear offering

Enter #SportToStreet, a campaign that would highlight the duality of sportswear.

The solution

Our experts set to work to create a social-first campaign to drive awareness and ensure Amazon Fashion has a platform to perform. Once the strategy was set, they set about activating and executing the campaign.

Bespoke shoot content: We worked collaboratively with the creators for a fully-produced stills and motion shoot at the core of our creative content while always prioritising diversity and comfortability on set.

Hacks: We used mid-tier influencers for authentic ‘how to’ content that spoke to their audience and aligned with Search trends across TikTok, Google & Amazon, and innovative Amazon product features.

Branded Mission: We used a new, industry-first, premium TikTok format to crowdsource content from TikTok creators with a bespoke effect and track.

This was paired with a 360-paid campaign that took the content to new heights on TikTok and Meta — truly taking sport to the street and kicking off the Jellyfish and Amazon Fashion partnership in the best way possible.