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Irresistible Studios is a group of three specialist, creative production companies representing some of the finest global talent. We deliver high impact commercials, stills, social content, design and animation.

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Tactical Production and Direct Response TV Advertising

by Fida Khalid

November 25, 2021

In these times of budget squeezes & the growing demand for more content, spread across more channels, brands are looking for smart, economic solutions to where they spend their money. Increasingly, they're turning towards working directly with production companies to make content. ‘Tactical Production’ is the creation of advertising assets without the front-end agency services of strategy and ECD led creative development.

Typically, Tactical Production occurs in one of two ways. A production company becomes a creative studio, fielding in-house creative resources as a prelude to their production services. Or a production company onboard a director to lead this stage. Both routes result in one-off delivery's, but the first is infinitely preferable to brands that are looking for multiple tactical productions and cross-production creative consistency.

Irresistible Studios has found several sweet spots for tactical production services, with the most obvious being DRTV's. Direct-Response TV commercials are the typically product-focused spots for brands with an established audience and clear identity. Utilising a production company with in-house creative services to work directly with the brand team and get the entire budget up and onto the screen.

“No one is saying that production companies are going to take the place of agencies,” explains Irresistible Studios' Exec Producer Matt Nelson. “But frequently, there are times when a brand knows their audience and have already aligned their products and brand guidelines. They have the idea for the spot ready and only need someone to make the content. In that instant, it makes sense for 'Tactical Production’ to be the route forwards.”

Working with Entain brands like Ladbrokes and Coral for the last 18 months Irresistible Studios have created multiple DRTV's focusing on the online product ranges. Entain’s Managing Director for UK & Ireland Digital, Dominic Grounsell, said “Irresistible Studios have become a valued partner as we have branched more into DRTV over the past 12 months. Their combination of full service account support with pragmatic, flexible creative production has enabled to us to both increase our speed to market with product focused advertising whilst also keeping costs down.”

Tactical Production is a tool of the empowered brand manager or marketeer and gives a legitimate seat at the brand table for production companies.


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