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Waze X Feast Motion

by Fida Khalid

Feast Motion and Waze began collaborating in the summer of 2020, starting with the vehicle design for Batman Day, A Waze, and Warner Bros partnership. We were entrusted with creating a low poly, iconic 1989 style, Batmobile, and a Riddler Car.

Waze’s mission statement has always been to build a community both on and off the roads by changing the way navigation systems are used. From nearby “Wazers” to a unique range of vehicle options, Waze is currently the only navigation system to have such an interactive platform. And Feast Motion is on that journey as a partner to design and deliver vehicles that are fit for purpose. But more than that, they are simply just really cool.

Kicking off with the legendary Batmobile, New York cab, and a classic 1950’s Cadillac, Feast went on to make a plethora of vehicles. From flying carpets, Fraggle Rock vehicles, Monster Trucks, and all kinds of vehicles to celebrate partnerships and populate the app with something to suit every ‘Wazer’.

The creative process is all about taking a classic or popular design and distilling it down to its key elements to produce a low poly version optimised version for app functionality. Often, this can be a linear process, such as taking the main design features of the 1989 Batmobile and stripping away anything too fine in detail. As a result, what remains is the bold iconic features that the audience recognises as that vehicle, retaining the overall aesthetic within the limited polycount. Other times, the process can be a little back and forth with a bit of artistic licence.

Besides cars, they also created vehicles that float, slide and roll - such as the Warthog and Ghost from the Halo collection. The latest vehicles in the app provided their own challenges, and opportunities for unique embellishments including shadows, glows, and lights.

Vehicle design aside, Feast Motion also creates the marketing assets for each campaign integrating the 3D animated vehicles with moods and maps to introduce the new cars into the world of Waze. Each film is inspired by its theme, from the brooding dramatics of the Batmobile to the playfulness of Paw Patrol’s Chase and his transforming police car!

Make sure to look both “Waze”, because there are so many more collaborations en route!

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