How Influencer Marketing Platform Intellifluence helped mattress company GhostBed

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15% Increased traffic / 3x Return on investment / $10k-$20k Cost savings

15% Increased traffic / 3x Return on investment / $10k-$20k Cost savings

Despite Nature’s Sleep/GhostBed's reputation for quality, their new line of GhostBed mattresses and bedding accessories were fighting for attention against competition that were all flash and no substance.

As Director of Digital Marketing at Nature’s Sleep/GhostBed, Rich Bernstein knows how cutthroat the mattress industry is. With new competitors arriving seemingly every day, Rich couldn’t rely on traditional marketing to spread the word about Nature’s Sleep/GhostBed. “A few years ago you had 10 or so bed in a box stores and now you have over 100,” Rich recalls.

“One of the biggest challenges I was facing was differentiating us from the competition and demonstrating why a potential customer should pick us.” After four months of using Intellifluence, Rich was pleased to see his experiment with influencer marketing paying off. Working with over a hundred influencers, GhostBed was reaching an entirely new audience—and it showed.

“We estimate traffic to our website has increased around 15%,” Rich smiles. “We’re really happy with the results, and we’re seeing a much broader audience getting to the site.’

The reviews from influencers haven’t just proven to be a strong marketing tool, they’ve also become a powerful asset to users already on GhostBed’s website. By embedding these video reviews directly into product pages, potential customers are exposed to authentic, quality reviews at a crucial moment in their buyer’s journey.

  • Intellifluence’s platform provides access to 100,000+ quality influencers
  • A dedicated account manager set up and maintained campaigns
  • Influencers created honest reviews posted to their social media

Standing out in a hyper-competitive crowd

Thanks to Intellifluence’s dedicated account manager, these results didn’t require Rich to invest anything more than a few hours per week. Even better, Rich estimates that Nature’s Sleep/GhostBed saved tens of thousands compared to traditional marketing with a 3x return on investment. “It’s been a great tool for getting new eyeballs on the site,” Rich explains. “Mattresses are a high-cost item, but Intellifluence helped us reach a broader audience and get them interested in our products and into our sales funnel and email campaigns.”