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Ramadan 2023: Insights on today’s shoppers, curated for today's marketers

March 9, 2023

With Indonesia’s busiest shopping season – Ramadan, around the corner, the digital world not only plays a key role in the way consumers search and shop, but also shapes their entire Ramadan experience. Right from exploration and evaluation to making the final purchase decision, mobile has become the true shopping companion for Indonesians. Let’s delve deeper to understand the pulse of the Indonesian Ramadan shopper and how today’s marketers can capture the consumer’s attention during this period.

Looking beyond celebrations

This year, Indonesians are excited as the Ramadan celebrations are expected to spring up in full glory.

1. The festive spirit is high

Indonesians are looking forward to Iftar parties, spending time with loved ones, stepping out to meet and celebrate, and embracing festivities outdoors.

2. Spend and shop for the occasion

Celebrations are in the air, with 80% of Indonesians planning to shop this Ramadan and 68% planning to spend more than they did last year.

3. Taking part in travel

65% of Indonesians are all set to travel during Mudik to spend time with family.

4. Purchase preparedness

88% of consumers are undecided about the brands and/or products they will purchase. This gives brands a lot of room to gain consumer attention and make an impact.

The festive shopping spree

This year sees a great upgrade in the way people are looking to shop and spend compared to last year.

1. Shopping goes hybrid

Indonesians are championing the hybrid way of shopping, with 56% preferring to shop the top categories such as apparel on mobile phones and 41% in-store

2. The timeline of shopping

People start to plan their shopping one month before Ramadan, and it will continue till a week before Eid Al-Fitr, making this a mega shopping season.

3. Soaring spends

60% of Indonesians plan to spend over Rp. 3m this Ramadan. One out of three women plan to spend over Rp. 5m, indicating their propensity to shop more than men.

Mobile continues to be mainstream

An average Indonesian spends about 4.56 hours a day on a smartphone. Let’s explore how they use mobile during Ramadan.

  • Embracing spirituality: 76% of Indonesians plan to consume religious content this Ramadan
  • Binging amid the festivity: 40% of Indonesians plan to watch fun videos
  • Getting their game on: 38% will indulge in games on mobile.

Apart from content consumption, mobile continues to dominate the purchase journey of Ramadan shoppers.

  • Exploration: 98% of Indonesians prefer using their smartphones to explore new brands and products
  • Information: 90% would prefer to tap into mobile for offer and sale information.

Therefore, be it for discovery or purchase; mobile still stands as the most preferred channel for Indonesian shoppers.

Checklist to win over Ramadan shoppers in 2023

Creating a lasting impact on the minds of the consumer starts with mobile. Here's the checklist for marketers to do things differently and drive strong impact.

1. Delve into the world of the smart lock screen

Gone are the days, when marketers needed multiple touch points to grab the consumer’s attention. Today’s Indonesian smartphone user turns to the front page of mobile: the smart lock screen multiple times a day. This year, marketers can take the next step by leveraging the smart lock screen to capture consumer attention and drive real action. The best part is that the smart lock screen enables users to get to their destination in a single click, making it easy for consumers to get the content they want and marketers to get the engagement they seek.

2. Reach the right audience at the right time

This Ramadan, understand the digital DNA of your audience and create custom cohorts and high-affinity audiences. Target these audiences with the content they love, at the peak time they would like to receive it. Make a smart move by gaining their attention at first glance, right before they unlock their phone, on the smart lock screen.

3. Move with the emerging trends

Stay relevant with top trends such as gaming and videos. Tailor these experiences to meet the consumer’s needs. Deliver heart-warming personalized experiences that connect with their festive spirit or engage the homecoming Mudik travellers, all in one place, at a glance, on the smart lock screen.

To build a strong presence among Indonesians during Ramadan, brands must tap into the power of the smart lock screen. It’s time for marketers to do the brand new and use promising channels to continue engaging their audiences in new ways. The moment to be on the smart lock screen is now. Taking this leap will help marketers drive stronger discovery, better engagement and higher acquisitions, all in a single click. To learn more about how marketers can win over consumers this Ramadan, read our Ramadan 2023 at a Glance report.


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