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Apple SKAdNetwork 4.0: What does it mean for iOS performance marketers?

December 19, 2022

Here, InMobi tell you all you need to know about Apple's SKAdNetwork (SKAN) 4.0.

Starting with iOS 14, Apple has introduced two new frameworks for attribution and ad measurement. First, Apple introduced the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework, which manages access to the identifiers for advertisers (IDFA) by requiring mandatory user consent.

Second, Apple launched SKAdNetwork (SKAN), its customary attribution API framework that enables advertisers to test contextual campaign parameters and optimize for both click and view-through conversions without relying on user-level identity.

What is SKAN?

SKAN is a privacy-focused attribution framework created and operated by Apple that helps measure mobile app growth campaigns. SKAN enables advertisers to test contextual campaign parameters and optimize for both click- and view-through conversions, without relying on user-level identity.

SKAN was released in 2018, several years ahead of the launch of Apple's ATT and has seen several iterations in the years since. The SKAN 4.0 version provides iOS app marketers with the highest level of privacy-safe attribution insights when iOS users have not opted in to tracking via ATT.

SKAN 4.0 helps advertisers better optimize campaigns to achieve their performance advertising outcomes.

The sure-shot way to sail through the privacy storm

iOS marketers need to adopt an agile advertising approach to strike the perfect balance between navigating in the privacy-first world, while driving meaningful connections with the consumers. With more than 68% of all digital spend going to mobile and Privacy Sandbox for Android on the horizon, the importance of adapting to a privacy-first world will only grow. With SKAN 4.0, advertisers have an opportunity to deliver growth better as the framework is built to deconstruct deeper performance insights. Here are the key reasons why SKAN 4.0 is a blessing in disguise for iOS marketers.

  • Perform beyond walled gardens: SKAN attribution has leveled the playing field by providing full transparency into how each ad platform performs, enabling an unfiltered view of the advertiser's media mix on iOS. It has been a great equalizer in the ad tech ecosystem, presenting an opportunity to diversify media partnerships and reduce reliance on Walled Gardens
  • Price-optimized solution: SKAN campaigns deliver User Acquisition cost savings compared to other key iOS channels amidst lower IDFA-enabled ad inventory and increased demand for Apple Search Ads.
  • Sustainable path: With Apple's track record of taking strong enforcement action on policy violations after sufficient warnings, solutions such as fingerprinting pose a risk. SKAN, on the other hand, is the promising and sustainable path for marketers for all their attribution goals on iOS.

Hence, this is the time for advertisers to make a mindful choice of choosing a platform with SKAN expertise​ that believes in making SKAN 4.0 a top priority for achieving advertising success.

Staying ahead in the game with a custom SKAN solution

While a lot of stakeholders in the ecosystem chose to play the waiting game, InMobi played the torchbearer by developing a custom SKAN solution using our deep expertise across media buying, product, engineering, and data sciences to address Apple’s new privacy-safe frameworks and navigate through it successfully.

We assembled the right expertise to innovate without relying on user-level identifiers, by honoring privacy-preserving principles. The fully automated programmatic solution comes with robust capabilities to meet challenges, accurately attribute, scale on-demand, and optimize meaningful insights for iOS marketers.

The 4 most important SKAN takeaways

1. SKAN 4.0 was released on 24 October 2022

2. The advertising world has changed forever - for the better

3. There are no sustainable shortcuts around respecting consumer data privacy

4. Now is the time to capture competitive advantage ahead of SKAN 4.0's roll out

Learn more

On a day-to-day basis, SKAN can get extremely complex to steer through, and the last thing iOS performance marketers need to worry about is unpacking all the minute details that come with each new release. With our essential SKAN 4.0 playbook, iOS performance advertisers can understand how these changes impact app growth in a meaningful way, cut through the noise, and take advantage of SKAN 4.0's enhancements. SKAN 4.0 is packed to deliver new capabilities for app developers to define and personalize their measurement modules.

Leveraging SKAN 4.0 at the earliest gives marketers a great edge in succeeding at iOS marketing.

To learn more about the best practices to set up and scale SKAN 4.0, visit InMobi's SKAN 4.0 Resource Center or write to us at

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