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3 reasons why one-click experiences are the future of mobile marketing

June 5, 2023

Think about the early 2000s, when search first hit the consumer space and then the boom of search marketing took shape. Fast-forward nearly a decade on, and social media became all the rage, which naturally led brands toward social media marketing. Then came the next phase of mobile content consumption and mobile marketing – short-form video – which started peaking around 2017. And today, we see a new content consumption pattern in the region – one-click experiences.

So, what are one-click experiences and how did they emerge?

Asia Pacific has embraced mobile. People in the region have integrated it into their daily lives, so much so that they spend close to five hours on their phones, as found in 2022. The Philippines tops this chart with 5.47 hours spent on mobile.

However, consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to find the content they need on mobile. Consider watching a video on your phone. It takes a journey of seven or eight clicks, to say the least. First, you unlock your phone, then, you scroll to find an app or site, you fire it up, search for the content you want, scroll to the content you want, then hit play – but wait, it’s an ad – and then you skip the ad and finally get to the content. Seven clicks and seven steps right there. On the other hand, attention spans are falling like never before. No wonder modern-day consumers are compared to a goldfish.

With all these significant shifts in consumer behavior, came the behavior of seeking instant gratification – wanting everything from food and grocery to shopping and entertainment with just one click. And thus, the one-click consumer was born. No traditional experience has been a match for this need.

A one-click experience demands two things – seamless, serendipitous discovery and a one-step journey to what you want. For marketers, this means reimagining the mobile experience entirely. One of the fast-emerging ways of doing this is going beyond apps to the only place people can reach with one click – the very first surface of the smartphone, the lock screen.

But how can this happen? The lock screen we know is a passive space for seeing the date, time, weather, and notifications. Surely, it needs to become a smart lock screen that facilitates seamless discovery and engaging experiences, and platforms like Glance have already made it happen. People are now increasingly moving towards enjoying one-click content and experiences on the smart lock screen.

Brands have begun to take note of this trend for good reason. Let’s explore how one-click experiences on the smart lock screen can help any brand stand out in a cluttered mobile market.

Reason #1: The smart lock screen is an unmissable space

A person is bound to see their smartphone’s lock screen multiple times in a day, which means the chances of them viewing the content appearing there are significantly higher. For instance, an average person looks at the lock screen 50 times a day.

In addition, the smart lock screen is a natural stopping point for users when transitioning between different apps or tasks, making it a perfect opportunity for brands to catch their attention.

Reason #2: One-click experiences enable seamless discovery of your brand

When your brand appears on the smart lock screen with a one-click experience, you catch your audience’s attention at the very first point of interaction. Moreover, you remove the need for them to go through a series of steps to get to the content, experience, or product they want. Instead, you take your content straight to the viewer, giving them an easy one-click experience, which could also drive instant results. Here is how Pepsodent drove consideration for one of its toothpaste products in Indonesia and how Swiggy offered a seamless one-click install experience for Indians on the smart lock screen.

Reason #3: One-click experiences on the smart lock screen are refreshing and engaging

When you create a one-click experience on the smart lock screen, you can become a natural part of experiences that people love, such as mobile games. This is an intelligent approach to engaging people because it does not take away from their enjoyment of the experience and yet draws them toward your brand. Take a look at how Sprite achieved this by delivering a refreshing one-click gaming experience on the smart lock screen.

Driving one-click experiences on the smart lock screen is a powerful new way for businesses to reach consumers by utilizing the lock screens on their mobile devices. When done right, it can be a valuable tool for businesses to achieve objectives across the funnel – from awareness to engagement and conversions. It is undoubtedly the pathway to powerful results.


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