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Wyeth S-26 Procal GOLD Drives Awareness with an AR Ad Experience

About Wyeth
Wyeth Nutrition is a part of Nestle S.A and develops premium-quality nutritional products scientifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of children, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers. The S-26 Growing-up milk products are designed to meet the nutritional needs of children between 1 to 12 years of age.

The Brand Objective
Amid a world that is undergoing rapid change, there are many digital opportunities for children to leverage their potential and unlock a solid future. Therefore, parents need to support their child(ren) to find out their potential, interests, and talents from early on. Wyeth aimed to create an ad campaign with the experience of Augmented Reality (AR) to engage children while providing an opportunity for mothers to explore and nurture the child’s potential.

The Solution
Wyeth Nutrition S-26 Procal GOLD launched campaign #DariBelajarJadiHebat (Nurture The Exceptional) to nurture children to be exceptional now and in the future through cognitive development and progressive learning ability. The campaign aimed at Female Audiences between the age of 25 to 44 years in Indonesia, working women, upscale residence dwellers, and health and fitness enthusiasts.

Driving Awareness, Consideration, and Conversions using the “Future Me: AR Coloring Book”
InMobi incorporated fun activities in the ad unit for parents to help their children participate in and to support their growth and development. The ad unit was designed with an AR Face Filter and an AR Coloring Textbook that enables children to see the images in the book come alive on their parents' smartphones.

Customer Awareness Stage
The creative starts with awareness as the primary objective when the audiences (mothers) click on the banner that invites them to start the AR Face filter called “Future Me”. The mothers are given a hint of curiosity with a message that prompts them to know about the future profession of their child. The ad unit consists of 5 different professions out of which one is displayed as the result.

Customer Consideration Stage
Upon clicking on the card, the system predicts that the child becomes a coloring professional and encourages parents to click further to kickstart the child’s future with an AR-based color book. This is where the engagement journey begins paving ways for product consideration. Users can color the characters from the coloring book. First, the ad unit will access the front camera and create a random result filter to get a character. Then, the coloring part begins, where they can tap the screen to automatically color the character at once. Then the 3D image appears to mimic the AR feature of the product and brings the character alive on the phone screen.

City Targeting
To streamline the campaign to match the target audiences, InMobi launched it in the top 5 cities of Indonesia where the product purchasers predominantly reside.

The Results
The campaign engaged mothers and stimulated the child’s creativity and imagination through the AR experience. The rich media unit has created a whopping reach and delivered impeccable results in just 10 days. With 9.3 million total impressions, the campaign reached 4.5 unique users in Indonesia. Among the cities targeted, the highest engagement rate of 45.8% was observed in Jakarta city. The campaign recorded 200% click-through rates on the ad unit. The ad unit recorded 17% of children completing the game.

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