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POND’S Creates Awareness to Practice Skin Hygiene Through Interactive Video Ads

Since 1846, POND’S has been developing skincare solutions that believe that our skin needs to stay strong deep inside so that its softness and beauty can radiate outside. As a part of this mission, the POND’S Institute was formed to combine years of skincare science and innovative product formulas, through a global network of more than 700 scientists. Their mission is committing to reducing skin worries by creating science and technology breakthroughs, to improve skin texture that makes your skin ‘future-ready'.

The Brand Objective
Every day, 200 million foreign particles enter the skin. So, The POND’S Institute created Triple-Charcoal technology to clean the skin three times better, removing all particles of dirt and grime to make skin fresh, clean, and three times radiant. To generate awareness about the importance of washing face, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand created a campaign #CuciTanganmuCuciMukamu (Wash hands then wash your face). The campaign was targeted at Indonesian female audiences aged between 18-35 years to keep their hands and face clean through a detox process, to avoid possibilities of any infections that could happen because of touching the face.

The Solution
To promote POND’S new campaign, InMobi served vertical videos with end cards to educate audiences on the hygiene and detox process amidst the pandemic.

1. Generating Awareness through Interactive Video Ads
The customer viewing the ad clicks on the video and is redirected to a series of detox instructions. Upon swiping on the instruction page, the customer is taken through to the three steps of the detox process each followed by a swipe. She then gets to click on the CTA “Get Now” to visit the POND’S landing page to purchase the product(s). This parallel engagement helped the brand capture any intent building during the course of the interaction.

2. Performance Tracking Through A/B Campaigns
To understand the consumer perspective on the ads, and to determine which ad is most preferred, the campaign conducted A/B testing with two different ads.

3. Delivered Retargeting Ads to Increase Ad Engagement
The campaign also targeted users who dropped out of the ad at any given step of the engagement journey and showcased a retargeting ad for a shorter time (6 Seconds), to gain the viewer's attention. Retargeting ads also have been delivered in an A/B testing environment to find the best engagement rates. The ad content and CTA remain in line with the awareness for the Ads A and Ads B retargeting variants.

The Result
This journey-based engagement has driven higher ad visibility and product discoverability for viewers. The campaign delivered 19.3 Million impressions and reached 6.8 million unique users in just two months. Achieved 600% Click-through rates (CTR), with an average of 450% higher engagement than industry standards in Indonesia. Overall video completion rate is impeccably high with 1.5X times the industry benchmark. Most impressions are generated from Female A 15 seconds video with 8.8 Million impressions. Highest CTR recorded from Female B 15 seconds video with 6.40% CTR. Between Retargeting A and B, Retargeting B has more engagement than A. Overall engagement rate on Retargeting Videos end cards is 8.46% which is high above the industry benchmark of 3%.

To see details of Ponds case study, you can see on this video