Mondelēz Reveals the ‘Sweet Secret’ of Cadbury Chocobakes using Interactive Mobile Video

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Mondelēz International Group is a global snacks powerhouse with its brands sold across 165 countries

Mondelēz believes in delighting its customers by offering the best quality products possible. Over the years they have won our customers' hearts, making them the market leaders in the chocolate category in India. Their flagship brand Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) is considered the "Gold Standard" for chocolates - the pure taste of CDM defines the chocolate taste for the Indian consumer.

At Mondelēz, we aim to introduce delicious, consumer-relevant products weaved into daily consumption occasions. Through mobile, we could amplify the core message and drive interactivity with the brand, unlike other channels that have one-way messaging. We have taken the brand to millions of consumers and garnered significant engagement using programmatic video.

~Team Mondelez India

The Challenge

The Cadbury range of Mondelēz is known for its scrumptiousness and has been the taste of Indian consumers in the chocolate category for seven decades now. Mondelēz India expands its Choco-bakery segment with the launch of ‘Cadbury Chocobakes’ – a scrumptious cookie filled with the taste of the iconic Cadbury at its heart. The association of the brand with spreading joy and the flavor of its chocolate in a cookie is the primary selling point. The campaign needed a push-start to reach the target audience in a way they would love to receive it. Much like how you would feel when you discover your most loved Cadbury, only now in a cookie!

The Solution

Cadbury Chocobakes reached and engaged audiences where they were most active and could interact with it – Mobile. Mondelēz, Wavemaker and InMobi built an interactive in-app video advertising campaign to unravel the secret of the cookie to its consumers.

Reaching Chocolate Lovers across India
The campaign reached a wide consumer base to spread awareness of the product. Gen Z and Millennials, the primary consumers of the Cadbury products, and female audiences above the age of 21 years in India are considered the target group for the campaign.

Interactive Mobile Video to Engage and Drive Action
InMobi designed an interactive mobile video ad for viewers to know that “Your Cadbury has a sweet secret.” Consumers love the brand Cadbury and its chocolates, which over seven decades is now a name intertwined with the happiness of Indians. Imagine the joy of discovering a new ‘sweet secret’ from your beloved brand!

Actionable Video Ads

A full screen, vertical mobile ad teases chocolate lovers about Cadbury’s Sweet Secret through scattered pieces of chocolate, prompting them to swipe on them. Naturally, as curious consumers swipe, the big reveal of the new Cadbury Chocobakes happens. This interactive ad unit enhances the appeal of Chocobakes through a video that showcases the behind-the-scenes magic of the product. Moreover, the ad unit integrates with e-commerce platforms to enable consumer purchases of the product right away. Visually appealing colors that resonate with the brand aesthetics, an interesting ad concept and the video of the detailed process of baking worked wonders for Cadbury Chocobakes. In addition to the excellent creativity, Mondelēz advertised on brand-safe and high-quality apps reached the relevant audience and accessed 100% whitelisted inventory through the InMobi programmatic advertising platform.

The Results

Within 10 days of the launch, Mondelēz reached millions of chocolate lovers, especially Gen Z and millennials, across India. The brand unveiled Cadbury Chocobakes, its latest offering in the baked goods segment, by appealing to the emotional quotient of Indians through an interactive mobile video.

  • 2.2 Mn massive reach of audiences
  • 100% Leap in engagement
  • 200% Highest Engagement recorded in a single day

You can watch the case study video from this link.