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Why Should Brands Consider Influencer Marketing This Christmas?

by Hester Bates

2 December 2019 15:17pm

In the run up to Christmas, consumers are more exposed to explicit marketing attempts than any other time of year. As retailers and services vie for customer attention, sometimes their messages can get lost amongst the chaos.

During the hectic and exciting Christmas season, one of the best ways to cut through the noise is with an authentic influencer marketing campaign that reaches your audience in the right way. If you’re wondering how your brand can make the most of the Christmas period, it’s time to look to influencer marketing for a helping hand.

Stay ahead of the game with our top reasons to consider influencer marketing in the run up to Christmas.

Reach People Authentically

Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year, but aggressive marketing campaigns can leave consumers feeling overwhelmed. Everywhere they look, brands are ramming products down their throat, trying to convince them that they have the perfect gift for their loved ones. In reality, all this creates is indifference in consumers. Whilst brands may aim to motivate and excite customers, they actually alienate and bore them when they take the blatant marketing approach. And this is where influencer marketing really comes into its own.

Influencer marketing is ideal for the Christmas period, as it allows the brand to reach the consumer in an authentic way. Consumer’s respect creator opinions more than hearing it straight from the brand and studies have shown that 60% of consumers think that user-generated content is the most authentic form of content - 3 times more authentic than brand-created content.

People Use Social Media For Gifting Ideas

Gone are the days when looking at magazines or catalogues was the perfect way to find gifts for your loved ones. Nowadays, it’s all about social media. When in doubt, consumers are turning to social media for ideas and inspiration. In this sense, creators are much more than a vehicle for advertising. They are actually offering a valuable service in assisting shoppers with purchasing decisions. Instead of buying something in a panic, consumers can now take advice from real people on the best gifts to buy, making spending their hard-earned cash a lot easier.

This is especially true when it comes to women, with 86% of women going to social media for purchasing advice and 49% of consumers saying that they rely on creator recommendations when buying. The fact that consumers are using social media for purchasing advice is incredibly beneficial for brands. Creators can help you make the most of the festive period when it comes to gift recommendations that are helpful.

Creators Generate Conversation

Each year, there are a handful of gifts that feature on almost everyone's Christmas list. This kind of mass excitement surrounding a product or brand is usually only generated by word of mouth. Influencer marketing provides the perfect way to get people talking about your brand and create a snowball effect this Christmas (pun intended).

This is especially true if you use micro-creators who are able to tag your brand and hashtag your product to increase conversations in a way that will boost visibility. Showing the algorithms that people are engaging with your brand by utilising micro-creators can be an amazing way to increase reach and spark genuine conversations about your brand.

Christmas Is Emotional

To an extent, emotion always motivates purchasing decisions. However, this is truer than ever around Christmas. In fact, a Harvard Professor has suggested that 95% of purchasing decisions are unconscious, and are driven by emotion as opposed to any particular attribute of the product.

Influencer marketing is amazing when it comes to generating content that makes people feel. Creators are able to capture genuine emotions in their posts and stories, share real experiences and show what a product means to them. This kind of evocative emotional content makes a consumer more likely to pop it on their wish list or buy it for someone else.

Find out how your brand can create cut-through content with the help of influencer marketing this Christmas. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a quick read on how Micro-creators and Macro-creators can be used in conjunction, head over to our blog.


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